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Success Story Title
Companion Systems

"Since the migration to Epicor, we have nearly tripled our sales volume and have been able to manage the increased data flow without any problems."
Jason Hepworth, Controller | Companion Systems

SHL Group

"Epicor service is simple and direct, allowing us to focus on our demanding operations more effectively and attentively. Our final success with Epicor ERP can be attributed not just to the company's international background, but to its ability to support SHL's demand for business integration across regions."

Ake Karlson, Managing Director of SHL Healthcare | SHL Group

Industrias Estra SA

"The quality of the system, real-time information management, performance metrics, ease of use, and the continuous improvement opportunities since using the system, are just some of the reasons why I would recommend Mattec. It is a powerful tool that we use to analyze issues and demonstrate measurable performance improvements."

Juan Camilo Posada , Operations Manager | Estra

Truliant Federal Credit Union

"Our company continues to grow, but we have not needed to add staff to the department because of doc-link."

Ruth Browder, Accounting Manager | Truliant Federal Credit Union

Manufacturas Estampadas SA

"Management and operation control with real time data access."

Julio Flores, Sheet Metal Plant Manager | Manesa

SoyuzBaltComplect Co Ltd

"The Epicor iScala ERP system offers full functionality, stable operation, and rapid data processing. At the same time, it provides an intuitive, convenient interface which is easy to understand and use by any employee, regardless of their position within the company"

Aleksandr Pushkin | IT Director

GF AgieCharmilles Japan Ltd

"The ease of use and limited complexity of the system makes Epicor technology suitable for us here in Asia."

Nicolas Robatel, CIO | Asia Agie Charmilles Japan Ltd

Energizer Thailand Ltd

"The Thai market with its different pricing policies on raw material and supplies made things very difficult and complicated for the system configuration. However, we did not face this with Epicor iScala as the solution aided us in enhancing our sales performance."

Ms. Kongked Hadpinkajornjaru, Senior System Analyst | Energizer Thailand Ltd.

Chelyabinsk Shaft Construction Company

"Epicor iScala provides the necessary data in order for us to make fact-based operational decisions. Monitoring the business performance at different levels helps to respond to any deviations from the process in a timely manner."  

Yuri Sidorenko, Deputy Director Manufacturing, Project Manager | Chelyabinsk Shaft Construction Company

The Vollrath Company

"Prior to Mattec MES our uptime was 79%. This year-to-date we're averaging 91% uptime. That's just from the alerting capability, which allows us to get the right personnel over to the affected machine immediately."

Steve Boeder, Director of Operations | The Vollrath Company