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Caymas Boats

“Itʼs been a spectacular upgrade. Drill-downs in Spreadsheet Server work flawlessly alongside Epicor.” 

Tyler Smith | Senior Accountant, Caymas Boats


General International Group

The new ERP platform would have to be flexible, as well as a strong fit for the organization’s business model today and for the future.


Sistema Plastics

Sistema is an iconic New Zealand based company that manufactures, markets and distributes stackable food-safe plastic kitchen storage containers. From humble beginnings in 1982, the company has grown to become a world-leading brand that exports to over 100 countries worldwide and counts its customers in the millions.



“We deployed our first Epicor ERP solution back in 1998 to address purely domestic business challenges, A decade later, following global growth of the business, we extended the solution. As a result, our U.S. and Chinese operations were utilizing Epicor platforms to enable the synchronized management of procurement, planning, scheduling, and more.”

Scott Keaton,

Vice president and CFO 


Emirates Metallic Industries Company Limited (EMIC)

“We wanted a solution that is specifically designed to fit the unique needs of the SMB manufacturing sector. Based on my research and discussions with industry peers—including other Epicor customers in the region—I was convinced that Epicor ERP ticked that box,”

Mohammed Alkolak, ERP manager|EMIC



“Epicor nos ha permitido que ese crecimiento que hemos tenido se nos facilite, en lugar de ponernos trabas para crecer, nos lo ha facilitado a través de las distintas herramientas que tiene su sistema.”

Norberto Galindo,Gerente de Tecnología de la Información | Cerrey


Biu Chun Watch Hands & Parts Manufacturers Limited

“Staff often needed to review the requirements of individual customers
manually—something that consumed significant amounts of time. Modifying
these documents required considerable effort—Just one mistake could have
grave production consequences,”

Michael Mok, Chief Financial Officer BCWH


Field Fastener Supply Co.

Making the Data Work for Proactive, Lean Processes


Bombas Goulds de México

Bombas Goulds de México es una compañía basada en Seneca Falls, Nueva York que se especializa en la manufactura de bombas industriales para los sectores petrolero, minero y de construcción. Sus instalaciones en México incluyen una planta en Tizayuca y un centro de distribución en Querétaro.

Después de un periodo de evaluación que tomó casi un año, la experiencia positiva de usuarios con las soluciones Epicor en Suecia y en Estados Unidos, motivó la decisión de Bombas Goulds de México de optar por Epicor.


CV Technology

Epicor is the nerve center of our organization. It has enabled us to integrate the activities of the entire company into one centralized  system.
—Mariano Morales, Chief Financial Officer | CV Technology


Axelgaard Manufacturing

“We will always be ahead of the game by having Epicor directly tied into the machinery and everything that goes on here. With Epicor, you will see an immediate impact by being able to produce much more efficiently. Efficiency is one of our biggest drivers, and Epicor is key for enabling that.”
Dr. Jens Axelgaard, chief executive officer | Axelgaard Manufacturing


Omega Plastics

"Epicor played a major role in helping our team to learn and take advantage of the functionality in the latest version of Epicor ERP [Kinetic]. Their web-based educational videos allowed us to assign training via email and monitor each person’s progress. By completing online training in advance of our target launch date, our team transitioned easily to the new interface, because they already knew what to expect—which meant little to no downtime when we went live."
Mike Pavlica, Vice President of Operations and Finance | Omega Plastics