Epicor ERP Sales Management

Produce accurate estimates, streamline your order-to-cash cycle, and fulfill orders with perfect precision to ensure high customer satisfaction.

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eMarketing and Advanced Surveys

Manage entire campaigns, create market segments, deliver targeted messages, and analyze KPIs from a flexible and user-friendly interface.

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Vista Information Services

Pinpoint issues, analyze your performance versus competitors, and capitalize on growth opportunities.

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MechanicNet CRM Cloud

Permanezca conectado con los clientes e impulse los negocios en sus talleres de servicio con soluciones de retención de clientes basadas en la web para proveedores de servicios automotrices.

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Prophet 21 Mobile Sales

Give account visibility to your sales team to better predict the sales pipeline, support bid analysis, and increase productivity.

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Prophet 21 Sales Management

Salesforce automation, contact management features, and robust marketing tools combine to increase your sales productivity.

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Eclipse for Sales Order Management

Epicor Eclipse offers rapid order entry, mobile solutions, and world-class eCommerce capabilities to drive growth for your business.

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Strategic Pricing

Boost profits by increasing your margins with optimal pricing information based on market data and your sales history.

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Order Automation

Epicor AutoOrder allows you to easily convert inbound purchase orders into electronic documents that can be processed automatically.

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Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing efforts can drive significant growth for your business, but your staff needs the right tools to achieve target outcomes.

Epicor sales and marketing solutions can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team. Automated administrative tasks allow sales personnel to focus on building profitable relationships and closing sales. Better data visibility helps you define target markets and create more effective strategies for them.

By streamlining the sales process, you can increase productivity and be well-positioned for sustained growth.