Ireland on the Upswing: Recent ERP Customer Wins Point to Advancing Irish Economy and Manufacturing Industry


Although reports of global economic woes continue to pop up in the news, we’re witnessing a more positive story in Ireland right now. In fact, it’s looking like the term Celtic Phoenix, coined by economic commentators to describe the country’s ongoing recovery, is well-earned.

Epicor is pleased to announce two recent, significant customer wins that indicate Ireland’s growing economic health as well as an upswing in its manufacturing industry. With the support of Aspera Solutions, a member of the Epicor Inspired Partner Network, Epicor next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) was selected over key competitors by manufacturers Marco Beverage Systems (Marco), and Colortrend.

Marco, specialising in providing hot water delivery systems to coffee and tea brewers in the food and beverage industry, is a 35-year-old company with manufacturing facilities in Dublin, Ireland, and an assembly plant in China. In addition, the company also recently opened Marco US in Seattle. Colortrend is Ireland’s leading independent paint manufacturer and a 100% Irish-owned and operated company established 60 years ago, providing a wide range of premium quality paints in a huge array of colours and finishes. Despite recent years of economic turmoil in Ireland and around the world, these two companies are going strong and progressing steadily toward the future—hence their choice to deploy Epicor ERP to enhance visibility across business processes and support growth plans.

It was readily apparent to Marco that Epicor ERP was the most tailored solution for businesses that have different companies and plants overseas. “We are on an international growth path. With this in mind, we needed an ERP solution that will support our plans and provided us with accurate, live data from anywhere in the world,” explained Shane Pender, sales office and service manager for Marco. “We felt that our previous system was holding us back and was outdated and limited – it really was just an accounting system with some bolt-ons. Epicor really fit our business and aligned with our operations.”

Colortrend chose Epicor believing that our ERP would support them in terms of specific business needs such as continuing expansion and increasing efficiencies, and also because we offer a personal touch that makes them feel like a valued customer. Sinead McCarthy, finance director for Colortrend, stated, “We are currently experiencing fantastic growth and have a strategy in place to grow even more. With this in mind, we needed an ERP solution that wouldn’t buckle under the pressure and one that we could really grow into. We felt our previous systems were limited and we needed one which would allow us to radically improve efficiency and report in real-time.”

With stories of growth and expansion such as these manufacturers’—along with Aspera Solutions’ tremendous success in winning their business and that of many other great companies this year—it’s clear that Ireland is a Celtic Phoenix indeed. We couldn’t be more proud to serve them or to work with an outstanding partner such as Aspera—who also won the distinguished “Best Vendor Demonstration 2015” award for their highly rated demonstration of Epicor ERP 10 at the fourth ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event in Dublin earlier this year.

“We are definitely seeing great successes on the back of our Head to Head win and the upswing in Irish manufacturing,” says James Frisby, sales and marketing consultant for Aspera. “As an example, one major local company who was already evaluating ERP solutions was so impressed with our presentation at the event that they asked us to join in right at the final discovery visit, which went very well!”

Interesting in finding out more about implementing Epicor ERP in Ireland? Check out Aspera’s website and our Epicor ERP product information.


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