• Prophet 21 Technology

    Modern, Flexible, and Extensible Technology

    In today’s competitive environment, you need a solid technology foundation upon which to build a successful business. You also need to have a platform that can scale, change, and expand without substantial system modifications and costs. Prophet 21 distribution software from Epicor is designed to help your business grow—both now and in the future. Features like the DynaChange extensibility suite and RESTful API allow you to link existing applications and tailor the Prophet 21 solution to best fit your business needs.

    Prophet 21 Technology

    DynaChange Extensibility Suite

    DynaChange Extensibility Suite

    Technology is constantly changing and expanding, so you need a software that can grow with your business. The Prophet 21 distribution software solution offers the DynaChange extensibility suite—software that lets you tailor your system to fit your business processes for greater efficiency. DynaChange rules let you insert your own business logic into the Prophet 21 user interface without altering the application code itself. By not altering the code, all your established rules, user-defined fields, and personalized screens will carry over each time you upgrade to a new version.

    Microsoft SQL Server

    With the familiarity of most Windows-based solutions, Prophet 21 software is easy to learn and—when combined with the power of Microsoft SQL—provides scalability, reliability, and real-time access to data from any off-the-shelf data analysis programs. The Prophet 21 system was optimized specifically for the Microsoft SQL Server, because the efficiencies gained can dramatically increase business performance.

    Microsoft SQL Server

    RESTful API

    Lead and Opportunity Management

    Link business applications with Prophet 21 and share data without manual importing and exporting. Use the API to customize and extend Prophet 21 internally, or as an integration point for your business partners.

    Flexible Implementation and Administration

    • Deploy Prophet 21 in the cloud or on premises, with the option to change your deployment model as your business grows and evolves
    • Install in English (United States), Spanish (Mexico), or French (Canada)
    • Customize security and permissions by user or role
    • Support multiple branches or companies from a single SQL database
    • Process credit cards without storing sensitive information on your system
    Lead and Opportunity Management

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  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of distributors and are available in the cloud or on premises. Now, distributors can better manage complexity and focus on growth.

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