• Service and Maintenance Software for Prophet 21

    Streamline Your Service and Maintenance Operations

    Your service and maintenance capabilities are critical to delivering a superior experience to your customers. Epicor developed our Service and Maintenance solution for Prophet 21 software to help distributors simplify and automate these key areas of business. The Service and Maintenance module allows users to easily enter and process service quotes and orders. You can order and replenish parts directly from your existing inventory, set up labor and technicians, track full sales and service history for all serial numbers, and minimize data entry through an automated process without the need for a separate inventory system.

    “Prophet 21 allows us to call up a service order and autopopulate it with ship-to, machine type, pricing, service agreements and other information, which has really streamlined our operation.”
    Vicki Hafele, Chief Financial Officer | Duncan-Parnell Inc.

    Services Dispatch

    A Service Dispatch window allows users to view open service orders in need of scheduling and helps to efficiently assign technician resources. The window can provide information about what needs to be done, for whom, where, and when. The dispatcher can quickly assign labor to a technician in a format that makes it easy to see where each technician should be at any given time, similar to an Outlook calendar.

    Preventative Maintenance

    If you or the manufacturer recommends preventative maintenance, the Prophet 21 system can automate the reminder process and facilitate creation of service orders against preventative maintenance schedules.

    “We view our technical service team as a major competitive advantage in our marketplace, and Prophet 21 has enabled us to allocate these important resources in a
    very efficient manner.”
    Rob Simpson, Manager of IT & Communications | Shrink Packaging
    Systems Corp.

    Service Order Management

    Enter and process service order transactions even if the customer did not purchase the item to be serviced from you. The Prophet 21 service order entry was built so you can process orders for customers, items, serial numbers, and parts that were never previously set up in your system by entering these at the time of the transaction.


    Track warranty information and process claims for eligible parts and labor. Warranty records note expiration dates for given serial numbers and coverage details down to the individual part and labor level. When processed on a service order, customer pricing is set based on coverage rules by the warranty, and warranty claims can be generated to manufacturers for reimbursement.

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