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    Finance and Accounting Software for Prophet 21

    Grow Profitability Through Greater Visibility

    Prophet 21 provides you with the financial management capabilities to drive dollars to your bottom line.

    • Achieve faster auditing and year-end closing with real-time drill-down capabilities on historical information
    • Simplify complex transactions with multicurrency, multi-company, and flexible posting capabilities
    • Streamline your AP processes with integrated inventory receipts and purchase orders
    • Cut your AR days with outstanding invoice tracking and set alerts when days or balances exceed levels you set

    “We looked at several other packages, and many offered the same types of features, but things just didn't seem to flow. With Prophet 21, inventory is integrated to purchasing, which is integrated to accounting.
    It just makes sense.”
    William Drury, Owner | Custom Molded Products


    Prophet 21 centralizes the purchasing process, enabling you to optimize buying power and inventory levels. It supports a variety of purchasing scenarios, including:

    • Vendor substitutions
    • Vendor invoice management
    • Discounted items
    • Drop ships and specials
    • Overseas procurement, with the ability to calculate landed costs

    General Ledger

    Prophet 21 software’s real-time general ledger provides up-to-the-minute financial statements so you can:

    • Be proactive instead of reactive
    • Eliminate laborious month- and year-end closing processes
    • Work with multiple currencies

    Accounts Receivable

    The accounts receivable (AR) features within Prophet 21 software allow you to:

    • Track your customers’ outstanding invoices and set alerts
    • Access a history of past conversations
    • Handle complex billing and tracking instances

    Accounts Payable

    Prophet 21 streamlines your AP processes with integrated inventory receipts and purchase orders. Add DocStar ECM Accounts Payable for even greater benefits, including:

    • Advanced workflow that helps you ensure compliance and improve vendor relations
    • A faster way to capture, index, route, approve, and integrate AP invoices

    Avalara Tax Connect

    Save time managing sales tax compliance. Prophet 21 integrates with AvaTax to help you reduce risks and automate tasks like:

    • Sales tax calculation
    • Exemption certificate management
    • Sales tax returns filing

    Vendor Rebates

    Rebates can be a hassle. Most businesses lack the tools they need to track and expedite rebates. With Prophet 21, each step—from negotiation to receipt and beyond—is recorded in real time and reflected in your general ledger and price schedules. This way, you never lose track of a rebate you earned—and sales and order entry staff always see proper gross margins and offer customers appropriate pricing.

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