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Kelseyville Lumber

Kelseyville Lumber's 85,000 square foot facility offers a wide selection of home improvement products and services to retail clients, in addition to serving traditional pro-sales contractors. The company knew they couldn't continue to run the business with legacy software. They switched to Epicor BisTrack software to meet growing business, accounting, and intelligence needs.

BisTrack software has both the performance and simplicity to handle our mixed pro/retail business-from fast, efficient point of sale (POS) to the many back-office tools we need to manage our business profitably.

Mark Borghesani
General Manager | Kelseyville Lumber

Margins up two points, DIY sales volume up due to better sales data

BisTrack software's accessible and easy-to-use data analysis tools allow Kelseyville to understand their sales and margins better than ever before. “We can quickly run reports by department to see what's selling, when it's selling, and determine where we might be able to increase the margin,” says Lisa Belvail-Cowdrey, Kelseyville Lumber. “We've seen our margins increase by a couple of percent points.”

BisTrack software is also helping Kelseyville cater to the buying habits of the new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) clientele. DIY business has risen from about 35% of their business to the current 60%. “Mother's Day is now our busiest day,” says Belvail-Cowdrey, explaining how they used BisTrack software to attribute the spike in sales to their new garden center. “Knowing that, next year we'll run some specials, advertise in the paper the week before, and try to increase those sales even more.”

“We've never been able to see trends in sales data before,” says Belvail-Cowdrey. “Knowing which departments are doing better than others will allow us to bring in similar items and really help us buy what our customers are demanding.”

A more profitable business

It was Kelseyville Lumber's former IT Director, Jesse Santana, that first voiced concern over their legacy system. “We saw that it was time to move onto the new generation,” he said.

“BisTrack software has both the performance and simplicity to handle our mixed pro/retail business-from fast, efficient point of sale (POS) to the many back-office tools we need to manage our business profitably,” says Mark Borghesani, general manager, Kelseyville Lumber. “Plus we're regaining control of our inventory. That has huge cost-saving benefits.”

Better data without outsourcing report writing

“I can get our managers all the information they need to optimize the business,” said Santana. “How many transactions we're doing today compared to the same day last year, or how much of today's sales are cash versus charge. It's all there. I can do it in-house and don't have to outsource the report writing, which saves us money.”

Role-specific dashboards created in BisTrack software allow Kelseyville's employees to be better informed and more efficient in their specific tasks. “Our POS retail staff all use the same dashboard so they can go to a register and it always looks the same,” explains Belvail-Cowdrey. “The pro-sales staff has their own dashboard, with contractor sales information and reminders about outstanding quotes."

“BisTrack software's workflow, the audit trail, the way it interacts with dispatch/journey planner and the document scanning system. It all makes us more efficient and more responsive.”

Payroll cost reduction

The efficiencies and access to information have paid off for Kelseyville with a significant reduction in payroll and subcontractor costs. Warehouse and receiving staffing is adjusted using the BisTrack solution to view upcoming orders and deliveries. Bank reports and other accounting tasks that were done by an outside accountant are now easily done inhouse. Further, Kelseyville is able to run the business with fewer management positions, restructuring and redeploying employees to reduce overhead.

Belvail-Cowdrey is certain payroll reduction alone goes a long way towards justifying their investment in BisTrack software.

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