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P&R Electrical

P&R Electrical is a family-owned business that prides itself on quality and service. Founded in 1977, the business is now one of the largest independent electrical wholesale networks in Australia, operating 12 branches across South Australia’s regional and metropolitan areas servicing more than 3,000 customers


Pharma Pharmaceutical Industries

“We managed to reduce the time taken to find or track a historical data record or transaction, from hours or days to seconds or minutes. We reduced the risk of mix-up, which is critical in the pharma industry. We eliminated the risk of using an invalid or expired part as a starting material. Having a validated ERP system helps us also meet the expectations of medicinal product agencies, both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and around the world.”

Tariq Kayyali | Pharma Pharmaceutical Industries


Caymas Boats

“Itʼs been a spectacular upgrade. Drill-downs in Spreadsheet Server work flawlessly alongside Epicor.” 

Tyler Smith | Senior Accountant, Caymas Boats


Womack Machine Supply

Womack Machine Supply (Womack) is a motion control solution provider specializing in the distribution of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Automation Equipment. Headquartered in Farmer’s Branch, Texas, Womack has been helping customers solve their hydraulic, pneumatic, and industrial controls and automation challenges for over sixty years.


General International Group

The new ERP platform would have to be flexible, as well as a strong fit for the organization’s business model today and for the future.



"Epicor makes it possible for us to slice and dice business intelligence data so that we can accurately manage resources and see our helpdesk from all angles."
Pedro Maia, IT Manager | AxizWorkgroup


SIDDCO Plastics Industries Ltd.

“With the rich reporting capabilities of Epicor ERP [Kinetic], our quality engineers can now analyse vast amounts of data on just about any parameter. This has allowed us to not only get to root cause and correct defects sooner, but more importantly, we have been able to put in several preventative measures that have significantly reduced material wastage and improved manufacturing processes and quality.”
Saymaad Mansoor, Head of IT


Mabani Steel

"Epicor ERP [Kinetic] generates very detailed reports to support strategic decision making and planning processes. This greatly reduces the risks associated with large projects because it helps us to accurately plan workflows and measure profitability."
Salman Moin, IT Manager | Mabani Steel


Bradfords Building Supplies

Bradfords Building Supplies stands out from the competition, relying on BisTrack Delivery to help safely serve customers with collection pickup times during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dolphin Group

In business since 1986, Dolphin Group specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance industrial and automotive thermal products, and they are widely recognized as a leader in this industry in the Middle East. With a corporate office in Ajman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Group has established several branches in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Oman.


AGM Container Controls

"AGM's investment in new technologies, like Epicor, has been primarily directed at reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing time-to-market on new products, while also having a positive effect on relationships with their customers."
AGM Management Team | AGM Container Controls


Havelock One

“Choosing to partner with Epicor has provided us the platform we need to stay true to our values and at the same time grow our business.”

— A Aiman Mahmoud, Head of IT | Havelock One