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Epicor ITSM

IT Service Management Solution for Kinetic

A sound IT infrastructure is essential. Your IT department must respond to issues fast, and anticipate and prevent future problems before they become disruptive to the business.

Epicor IT Service Management (ITSM) can help IT stay proactive with accurate, complete and clear information. Create, trace, summarize and close incidents, problems and change requests. Set and track varying service levels based on specific agreements and offers. Transform your service desk into a powerful structured solution for IT management processes.

 ITSM provides a robust set of service management features. These features support key IT processes outlined by ITIL version 2 and ITIL version 3. Pink Elephant has certified ITSM as ITIL-compatible in five service management areas:

  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Level Management

ITSM Incident Management

When an incident occurs, the service desk aims to restore normal operation right away. The service desk registers all incoming incidents in ITSM and prioritizes them. Incidents that need a specialist can be immediately escalated to the correct people. Service desk customers can track their incident progress via e-mail or online. A knowledge base system provides a searchable set of information. This knowledge library logs previously answered questions for future reference.

ITSM Change Management

ITSM helps organizations change the IT infrastructure in a controlled way. ITSM provides a method to request the appropriate change. It also ensures the change has the correct approvals and tracks the fulfillment time. ITSM provides goal-oriented options to your employees, including Change Approval Board members.

ITSM Configuration Management

With ITSM, you can get detailed insight into your IT infrastructure assets. Track hardware, software and other IT infrastructure components with ease. A user-friendly information overview boosts your service desk's effectiveness and efficiency. This saves service desk time and saves the organization money.

 ITSM also provides financial data recording associated with configurations and products. Use this recording feature to capture and track purchase value or depreciation term. You can also track value after depreciation, warranty date and installation date data. Allocate costs to budget holders, departments and sister companies. In short, ITSM makes IT costs transparent.

ITSM Problem Management

A structural problem can create new or repeating incidents. ITSM doesn't mark incidents as solved until their underlying causes are eliminated. ITSM allows you to link several incidents to a problem. Once you resolve and close the problem, ITSM automatically closes all related incidents.

ITSM Service Level Management

You can measure the service provision level by recording service agreements and costs. This allows you to offer the precise level of service. Record service level agreements per configuration or per contact (end-user or department). When an incident or problem is accepted, the applicable SLA can be consulted. ITSM uses the response times included in the SLA to monitor queuing and lead times.

Comprehensive IT Service Management Solution

ITSM does more than provide solutions in these five service areas. It also provides:

  • A self-service portal using Microsoft SharePoint
  • Business intelligence using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services technology
  • IT Operations Management (ITOM) with integration to Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer

The entire solution is built using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET Framework.