How Epicor Propello Works with QuickBooks Online


Epicor Propello


  • Free up time with faster, easier methods of moving data between Epicor Propello and QuickBooks Online
  • Reduce tedious, error-prone, redundant data entry
  • Easily create familiar QuickBooks financial statements, useful for working with accountants and financial institutions
  • Enable your team to spend less time on busywork, and more time serving customers

Share data seamlessly and error-free between Epicor Propello and QuickBooks Online

With this integration, you can synchronize Customers, General Ledger, Suppliers, Terms, and Stores, eliminating duplicate data entry. Once integrated, the accounts and daily transactions of your Epicor Propello system will be posted in the QuickBooks chart of accounts, providing a 360-degree view of activity.

Each store in Epicor Propello can be mapped to your QuickBooks Location. Transactions will be recorded appropriately for each entity.

Once a Purchase Order is made in Epicor Propello, there is a natural payment due to the Vendor. Getting a quick snapshot of this payable activity is critical for any business. Epicor Propello Purchasing and related Supplier data will automatically sync for faster payment to those QuickBooks Vendors.

Sales, inventory, and purchasing transactions occur every day in Epicor Propello, and keeping track of this line-level detail is essential to accurate bookkeeping. The Epicor Propello integration with QuickBooks Online will automatically post the journal entries for all that activity. This data can then be accessed to support drill down activity in QuickBooks Online.

Add to and maintain customers in Epicor Propello, then sync them with QuickBooks Online so a Customer’s account is always up to date.

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