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Why the Executive Summary is So Important

A Warehouse Management System is built on the premise that if everyone performs their task right the first time it will make it easier and faster for everyone else throughout the organization. This requires mapping out your scenarios and developing standard operating procedures to handle the daily activities and exceptions that occur in any given warehouse or yard.  Despite the best laid plans, we all know that exceptions and even errors are going to happen in a warehouse environment on a regular basis.

People make mistakes.

Paying attention to the Key Performance Indicators measured in the Executive Summary is so important to the overall health of your company.  By staying on top of these metrics, you can transform your operation from one that is reactive into one that is proactive.  By being proactive, you reduce the number of exceptions that your staff has to deal with.  When you give your workforce the ability to concentrate on productive work rather than fighting fires, their focus shifts from simply getting through the day to doing their best work possible.

Becoming proactive...

Let's look at some real-world examples:

If an item in a location is damaged and goes unnoticed, you run the risk of over-promising a customer a shipment of products that you don't have.  This type of issue can be easily avoided by doing regular cycle counting. Through regular cycle counting, you'll discover the damaged item sooner and correct the inventory live. This will avoid the time wasted looking for products you think you have, and, most importantly, allow you the ability to give your customer timely, accurate information.

Another beneficial standard procedure is staying on top of your put-aways.  If you adopt a regular, proactive habit of putting everything away each day, a manager can easily identify through the WMS the material sitting in staging areas that may not have been received into the system or was cancelled on a sales order and now needs to be put back in stock. Keeping staging locations clear on a regular basis allows you to visually identify material that may cause an issue further down the pipeline.

Becoming proactive gives you freedom.

When you're able to use the Key Performance Indicators in the Executive Summary to see a ripple and prevent it from becoming a tidal wave of trouble, you open the doors to new possibilities within your operation. Time spent resolving issues can now be used for exploring ways to better serve customers and refine your processes.  Increased customer satisfaction and trust results in repeat orders, referrals, and brand loyalty.

In short, a little added effort up front combined with the insight of the Executive Summary goes a long way in building and sustaining the overall health of your company.

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