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Compelling Reasons for Installing a WMS

We are constantly talking with warehouse managers, organizations, and company heads about the incredible benefits of implementing a custom fit WMS into their work flow. When we show them a few things they've been missing out on by operating solely on people and paper, they begin to realize that there is a simple solution for the problems that have been keeping them from prospering. Here are just a few of those compelling reasons we share with other companies like yours. 

All tasks are performed in the WMS

You cannot half-heartedly pursue improvement. It takes everyone following a solid plan, guided by a complete WMS, to move forward as an organization. Inventory has to be received, stored, shipped, returned, and counted accurately on a regular basis for an organization to see marked performance improvements. All of these incredibly important tasks can be done right on the WMS which ensures that all areas of the organization are on the same page.

Pro-active system directed tasks

When a warehouse user logs into perform a certain assignment (put-away, replenishment, picking, cycle counting, loading) the system prompts them with specific tasks to perform.  The user can then accept the task or tell the system what task they want to do and in what order. Because the system knows what tasks need to be done, running real time reports becomes simple, allowing the company to move from being re-active to being pro-active.  Additionally, these step by step prompts in the WMS allow a new employee to be trained in days instead of weeks, saving organizations time, and money.

Exception handling and specific requirements functionality

If everything went according to plan in a warehouse, developing a WMS would be easy.  Most of our development effort goes into handling exceptions in the most user friendly manner. Also, every facility is different and everyone carries a little different product mix.  Our system has tremendous flexibility that allows you to work in the most efficient manner as opposed to changing the way you work to fit the system.  

The WMS keeps track of the users' performance

With WMS you know who received, stored, picked, and shipped everything. This allows you to track down the source of your problems and re-train users in real time.  This allows management to target problem areas and provide the necessary encouragement as well as identify areas of strength to be praised. 

Management is empowered to lead pro-actively

The system/dashboard/reporting combined with our guidance based on experience with 150+ other building product installations will encourage your managers to become pro-active to head off problems before they cost you time and money.

WMS maintains a certain level of discipline

The WMS helps maintain a certain level of discipline based on the way the entire system is designed.  Of course, you will need commitment from the top down to enforce the correct implementation, but since the system is helping track performance in real time you will have what you need to be effective and run a tight operation.     

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