Altec's expertise in managing financial transactions-from paper to paperless solutions-has spanned over two decades as a partner of Epicor Software. Their integrated document management solution, doc-link, is available through Epicor in modular choices ranging from basic document archival systems, to fully integrated and configurable enterprise management solutions. Visit Altec and see how their Epicor integrated solutions can drive dramatic productivity increases and achieve a ROI typically in 9 months or less.


Avalara, the industry’s most trusted provider of sales and use tax compliance services, has partnered with Epicor to create Epicor Tax Connect. Epicor Tax Connect powered by Avalara AvaTax is the fastest, easiest, most accurate and affordable way to calculate sales tax; manage exemption certificates; file returns; and remit payments across multiple tax regions.

BizNet Software

Epicor has partnered with BizNet to offer Epicor XL Connect which delivers actual Excel functions that understand your General Ledger and other applications and Epicor XL Broadcast which provides an automated way to publish selected worksheets and workbooks to specific individuals in multiple formats. Epicor XL Connect Developer empowers the end user to create their own XL Connect functions to any of their Epicor data to deliver a complete, custom ad-hoc reporting solution.

TIE Kinetix

TIE Kinetix transforms the digital supply chain by providing total integrated E-Commerce solutions. These integrated E-Commerce solutions maximize revenue opportunities by minimizing the energy needed to market, sell and deliver online. Customers and partners utilizing TIE Kinetix consistently benefit from innovative, field tested technology and are able to remain focused on their core business. TIE Kinetix develops cloud and license based solutions, and is backed with over 25 years of proven technology and awards.








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