Streamline Service Operations

Drive productivity, shrink response times, lower costs, and improve first-time completion ratios. The Epicor Field Service Automation solution connects your office and field staff with the information and processes they need to service customers more efficiently.

  • Integrate people and information to empower your workforce
  • Expedite and optimize scheduling and dispatch
  • Streamline the work order lifecycle
  • Manage contracts, warranties, and assets more efficiently
  • Gain real-time insight for operational improvements


Scheduling and Dispatch Management

Easily create schedules and track resource commitments to match tasks to the best available resources, to optimize service orders.

Service Order Life Cycle Management

View and manage service orders by custom criteria with color coding and icons that instantly indicate urgency and status.

Asset and Warranty Management

Track warranties against assets, adhere to warranty stipulations, and provide field staff with visibility into terms and expiration dates.

Subcontractor Vendor and Customer Portal

Provide customers and subcontractor vendors with self-service capabilities through integration with standard web services.


Configure to match your unique call center and field-based business processes—driving standardization, data capture, and usability.

Bing Maps Integration

Take advantage of Bing Maps integration to provide office and field staff with street-level mapping, route visibility, and turn-by-turn directions.

Call Center

Quickly capture service needs and access customer, site, and equipment information to shorten the time between call receipt and job assignment.

Contract and SLA Management

Manage terms, billing rates, and service-level agreements, and maintain hierarchical relationships among customers and locations.

Resource Tracking and Performance Management

Integrate personnel information into work assignments, automate crew calendars and timekeeping, and generate individual performance scorecards.

Sales and Marketing

Provide robust quoting capabilities in the office and field, and set up and track marketing campaigns, sales metrics, and goals.

Inventory Management

Track service stock at mobile and field locations, transfer stock, adjust inventory records, and effectively forecast material requirements.

Mobile Experience

Complete work tickets, review service history, manage inventory, access customer pricing, and capture electronic signatures—any time, from any device.

Learn more about Epicor Field Service Automation by downloading this fact sheet.