Retail E-Commerce

E-Commerce Software

Many customers prefer to research product information and shop online without having to travel to your store location. Retail E-Commerce increases sales by reaching more customers and provides the convenience of shopping online. 

E-Business Suite

With Epicor Eagle iNET e-Store, you can create a web-based storefront that helps your sales grow by letting customers and prospects shop online. In addition, since your online storefront is fully integrated with your in-store system, any changes in price or availability are quickly and automatically reflected in your e-store

With e-statements, e-invoices, and e-purchase orders, you can automatically e-mail invoices, statements, and purchase orders to your customers and vendors. This will save you time and money, as well as increase customer satisfaction and reduce the lag time associated with postal delivery

iNet Catalog

A growing number of customers prefer to research products online prior to traveling to your business to make a purchase. With Epicor Eagle iNet Catalog, you can make inventory information, including pictures, available online so current customers can find what they need. While you are increasing customer satisfaction, you can also be attracting new customers whom you might not otherwise attract.

EDI Vendor Direct

Vendor Direct enables you and your vendors and customers to share Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documents via modem or high-speed internet.

Data Feeds

Google has become the first place many shoppers check when they are looking for specific products. They then buy from one of the first results they find, either an e-commerce site a nearby brick-and-mortar store. Retailers need to show up early and often on a Google search, or they will miss out on many sales. iNet Data Feeds deliver everything you want shoppers to know about your inventory and your sales—directly to Google—automatically.