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Yoder Lumber manufactures and supplies top-quality Appalachian hardwood products. Their two state-of-the-art sawmills in Buckhorn and Charm, Ohio produce green and kiln-dried lumber, S4S and dimension lumber for internal consumption in their millwork and molding facilities in Buckhorn and Berlin, Ohio, as well for regional distribution and domestic and export wholesale.

“Epicor LumberTrack just makes it really easy to get the information we need because it's all in one place.”

Trent Yoder
Buckhorn Location Manager | Yoder Lumber

Yoder Lumber has used Epicor LumberTrack software since 2000 to keep track of the wide variety of hardwood products they sell, and to manage their inventory control at each location and through each stage of production. In addition, Yoder Lumber experiences better customer service as a result of realtime sales, customer, and inventory information.

Companywide inventory and end tally visibility

Trent Yoder, Buckhorn location manager says, “Epicor LumberTrack does a great job of inventory management. We're tagging our production so we have detailed information on our inventory at all our locations.”

“We also capture bundle end tallies so that they're visible to our sales and production teams,” says Yoder, commenting on their use of Epicor LumberTrack Handheld data collection software that helps hardwood manufacturers create end tallies, load, and volume tallies. “Sometimes our customers will ask for specific bundle compositions, and we can easily search within Epicor LumberTrack to find bundles that meet their requirements. But more often, we use the end tally descriptions to select bundles to use in our own manufacturing. It saves time, and we get better matches to production requirements.”

With over 12 MMBF of production, in a wide range of species, grades and dimensions, having detailed inventory and bundle information visible to all Epicor LumberTrack software users makes planning and sales personnel more efficient and effective.

Faster customer service

“The best part of Epicor LumberTrack is that it's an all-in-one system with a seamless interface between sales processing, inventory management, and accounting,” says Yoder. “That gives users visibility into a great deal of information that we know is accurate and up-to-date.”

Yoder Lumber has three sales teams focused on wholesale, distribution, or internal orders. “The sales people can see inventory in all our locations, at each stage of production in addition to finished bundles, as it is all the same pool of data,” says Yoder. “Our sales staff can see in an instant what a customer ordered previously, their account history, and what we have in stock. It's much faster to provide information and take orders. It's really convenient to look up documents from inside the system.”

“It's also very helpful to be able to customize the home page dashboard. It helps users be more productive and efficient when tasks and pertinent information are all in one spot,” says Yoder.

Streamlined management and analysis

“Epicor LumberTrack also integrates seamlessly with the financial system, and the GL entries and inventory valuation information just happens automatically in the background,” says Yoder. “It's more accurate, and certainly faster, since you don't have to do double entry in separate inventory and financial systems.”

The centralized database and ease of data access in Epicor LumberTrack software helps Yoder Lumber view critical business information. “The Quick Answer Lists is a valuable resource to pull data out of the system to help with all types of planning or analysis. We use them to create production reports, which we export to Excel to massage and analyze,” says Yoder. “Epicor LumberTrack just makes it really easy to get the information we need because it's all in one place.”

Continual improvement and support

The company is continuing to find ways to take advantage of the evolving Epicor LumberTrack software. “We're implementing Epicor LumberTrack FiberTrack to track log inventory in our log yards at Charm and Buckhorn. And we're undertaking a business process review in the coming months, which will help identify the most beneficial enhancements for us,” says Yoder.

Yoder commends the Epicor team that develops and supports the LumberTrack product and its user base. “The people that support the Epicor LumberTrack software have been great. More than a working relationship, we've developed friendships over the years.”

Hardwood Tracking from Timberland to Millwork with Epicor LumberTrack

Yoder Lumber Company’s Chief Operating Officer, Trent Yoder, reviews benefits of using Epicor LumberTrack in its business.

Company Facts

  • Location: Millersburg, Ohio
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Number of Locations: 4 plants, including 2 sawmills
  • Website:  www.yoderlumber.com


  • To manage multi-channel sales of green, kilndried, and manufactured hardwood products with optimal profitability and balance between internal and external customers



  • Centralized pool of operations and financial data at all locations
  • Real-time visibility of tagged inventory-raw, WIP, and finished goods
  • End tally information to better meet demands of customers and internal production
  • Faster information retrieval and data entry
  • Improved customer service

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