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Tisdel Distributing Inc. of Mason, Ohio, is a high-end appliance distributor serving retailers in Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Incorporated in 1987, the company supplies Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf cooking products to approximately 200 dealers. Tisdel Distributing went live on the Epicor Prophet 21 enterprise resource planning(ERP) system on October 1, 2013. Controller Holly Ellis recalls, "The previous system, which we had for over 15 years, did not change with us; we were using 'Band-Aid solutions' to keep it functioning."

"The confidence level we have now is the best part of Epicor Prophet 21…we know that the data is 100 percent correct, and is flowing as it should, so we can base good business decisions on it. The user-friendliness of the system is another positive aspect. We are now able to take on more orders per day, because Epicor Prophet 21 has made our employees' jobs easier."

Holly Ellis
Controller | Tisdel Distributing Inc.

Ellis was on the selection committee that looked at different ERP solutions and conducted a business  analysis of Tisdel's processes and options over the course of 18 months. She states, "One of the reasons we chose Epicor Prophet 21 was for its inventory management features and its ability to integrate various processes into one automated system." Equally important from her perspective, the accounting functionality was "considerably more advanced than our previous system, and just as robust in the inventory management module and other features." The level of customer service offered was also a key selling point. According to Ellis, "Epicor has tenured, U.S.-based technical support teams that helped us capitalize on the functionalities and capabilities of the system."

Training for improved efficiency and a seamless transition

Tisdel Distributing used Epicor's Learning Management System (LMS) for six months prior to and after its Epicor Prophet 21 implementation. Ellis calls the LMS "a really positive tool to help manage change," which helped the company's 20 employees successfully adjust to the new ERP solution. For example, Ellis observes, "We increased the efficiency of our Purchase Order process, which improved our order turnaround. We are now able to take on approximately 15 percent more orders per day because Epicor Prophet 21 has made our employees' jobs easier." Moreover, she adds, "The transition to Prophet 21 was seamless to our customers-they said they saw no changes in the flow of business transactions, which is the best compliment I could have received. Their only comment has been that our invoices and forms look 'more professional.'"

Business Analyzer and DynaChange Portals

"The real-time data and reporting functionality of Epicor Prophet 21 were enormous advantages for us," says Ellis. "Our IT consultant especially likes how Epicor Business Analyzer is tied to the same database as Prophet 21, so there are no discrepancies in the data being reported." The sales team at Tisdel Distributing Inc. is using the informational pie charts, bar charts, graphs, and datasheets from Epicor Business Analyzer to keep track of their sales territories, quantities, and dealer relationships. "We will have some additional onsite training for them to build on their initial learning," Ellis notes. "In addition, various departments have created six different portals within Prophet 21 using Epicor DynaChange Portals. For example, the Customer Service team changed their order entry screen to be more conducive to how we operate our business. I also changed mine in Accounting, which made the areas of the module easier to maneuver and increased efficiency."

Robust, user-friendly features

Ellis mentions a few other favorite features of the system: "The capability of utilizing alerts in Item Notepad Maintenance to flow through different modules is a well-regarded feature across the departments. This has enabled increased communication on specific customers' shipping instructions, as well as inventory accessories that are linked to specific model numbers. "Another benefit is that the Return Material Authorizations are now connected and stored inside the system," she adds. "And the forecasting features were a plus-a new and useful tool for us. Previously, we would rely on an outside method of forecasting, but with Prophet 21, we have a much more accurate method of achieving precise ordering techniques."

She concludes, "The confidence level we have now is the best feature of Epicor Prophet 21…we know that the data is correct and is flowing as it should, so we can base good business decisions on it going forward. The user-friendliness of the system is another positive aspect. We have already recommended it to another distributor who is a partner of ours."

About Epicor

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Company Facts

  • Location: Mason, Ohio
  • Industry: Durable goods
  • Number of Employees: 25
  • Web site: www.jtdinc.com


  • Help a Midwest household appliance distributor improve its business operations and decision making with inventory management tools, automated processes and real-time reporting


  • Epicor Prophet 21 with Business Analyzer and DynaChange Portals


  • Helped to improve order turnaround by 15%
  • System provides real-time, accurate data
  • User-friendliness makes employees' jobs easier
  • ERP transition was seamless to customers

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