The Rock Garden

Located in the beautiful Lake Tahoe resort town of Truckee, California, The Rock Garden is a premier supplier of natural stone and tile for building and design. Offering an extensive selection of stone from quarries across the United States, masons come from miles away to buy from The Rock Garden. The beautiful showroom features a variety of products including wainscoting, fireplace stone, flooring, kitchen tiles, patio stone, landscaping steps, and architectural elements. About 80% of their customers are contractors, with homeowners making up the balance. An Epicor customer since 1997, The Rock Garden immediately saw the value of the Epicor Eagle Hosting solution, which allows them to spend more time focusing on running their business.

"We recommend that other businesses move to the Epicor Eagle Hosting solution. Instead of running an onsite IT operation, they will have more time and energy to focus on their own businesses."

Chuck Avery
Controller | The Rock Garden

Buying a server vs. the Eagle Hosting solution

At least every five years, business owners are faced with the decision to squeeze old server technology beyond its engineered life or upgrade to a new server. When this decision rolled around for The Rock Garden, they opted for Epicor Eagle Hosting and eliminated their onsite server altogether. "We moved to the Eagle Hosting solution to get away from having our own server," said Chuck Avery, controller for The Rock Garden. "It made economic sense to move to a hosted solution instead of investing in a new server, which we've done multiple times before. After doing the analysis, we didn't see the value of buying another server and having that server payment going forward. Epicor can do the job better than we can and now we can focus on what we do best-selling stone and tile."

Invisible conversion process

The Rock Garden moved to Epicor Eagle Hosting with minimal effort. "The transition was very smooth working with our local platform specialist and the Epicor Hosting team. Our involvement in this upgrade process was minimal," said Avery. "Epicor uploaded all of our data and we made the transition to their server overnight. We went live the next morning with no downtime whatsoever. Our employees working at point of sale stations saw no difference in the system performance and our customers were accessing their data via Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite with no disruption. This was a far better solution than our previous experiences which included loading our applications and data from our old server to a new one using backup data tapes."

Servers managed by IT experts

Epicor Eagle Hosting is managed on a virtual server located in an Epicor data center, which provides around-the-clock server monitoring. "With Eagle Hosting we no longer worry about our server crashing during business hours or the safety of our data," said Avery. "It gives us peace of mind because we no longer worry that our customer's data is PCI compliant or we'll loose our data in a fire or earthquake for example, because Epicor does this for us at an offsite location."

Epicor experts make it work

The Epicor team, both locally and centralized are key to its customers' success. "Our experience with the Eagle helpline and our local platform specialist has always been exceptional," said Avery. "Our specialist responds to our calls quickly and gets back to us with an answer, a repair, or a fix for whatever technical or software questions we may have. It's a trust that's been built over the years. The Eagle Advice Line team is always very helpful."

Freeing up business

Businesses can rely on Epicor Eagle Hosting to monitor performance, administer patches and software upgrades, and maintain their system. The Epicor Eagle Hosting solution makes customers' systems current, secure, available, and redundant. "The biggest value of Epicor Eagle Hosting is peace of mind," said Avery. "We no longer worry about upgrading new software system versions, managing back-ups or data security. We recommend that other businesses move to the Epicor Eagle Hosting solution. Instead of running an onsite IT operation, they will have more time and energy to focus on their own businesses."

The Rock Garden Gains Time to Focus on Business with Epicor Eagle Hosting

An Epicor customer since 1997, The Rock Garden benefits from Epicor Eagle Hosting which keeps their business management system current, secure, available, and redundant.

Company Facts

Location: Truckee, California
Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
Number of Employees: 15
Number of Stores: 1
Web site:


Regularly replacing obsolete server hardware
Maintaining data back-ups and security


Epicor Eagle
Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite


  • More time to focus on running the business
  • Peace of mind from data storage, automatic software upgrades, and security performed in a secure off-site location

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