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Sunroc Building Materials serves contractors, commercial builders, and retail clientele from nine locations in eastern Idaho and Utah. When Jeremy Hafen took the reigns as president and CEO in 2010, his priority was to garner the business intelligence that would allow the company to operate profitably in the new economic reality. “We put Epicor BisTrack in place to display our key metrics on dashboards that help us fine-tune operations,” says Hafen. “Having those dashboards has been very valuable.”

“Our margins went up three points within the first month after implementing Epicor BisTrack. We've been able to maintain sales growth while increasing the growth of our bottom line even more.”

Jeremy Hafen
President and CEO | Sunroc Building Materials

Scott Blomquist, Sunroc Building Material's systems manager, agrees: “With the business intelligence capabilities in Epicor BisTrack, I can create any kind of view, report, or dashboard with any information that anybody needs. It gives us real-time information that's actionable right away. In our previous system, a report would be out-of-date as soon as it was printed.

Increases in sales, margins, and market share

“Our margins went up three points within the first month after implementing Epicor BisTrack,” recalls Hafen. “We've been able to maintain sales growth while increasing the growth of our bottom line even more.”

With continued fine tuning, margins have risen four points from previous levels and sales revenue and market share has increased. “Sales have risen 20% over the prior year, and gross margin dollars are up over 30%,” says Blomquist.

Real-time commissions view boosts sales

Hafen credits a new commissions program enabled by Epicor BisTrack for helping increase sales and margins: “Because the software allows us to track margins for each line item on sales orders, we made a business decision to set gross margin hurdles for certain product groups. The sales reps have real-time dashboards that show them up-to-the-minute calculations of committed sales in the month, by product group, and their estimated commission. They can see exactly where they need to be to get those next hurdles, which makes a huge difference to the top and bottom lines.”

Pricing strategy adds objectivity

Blomquist also points to better pricing management as having contributed to increased margins. “We completely rethought how we assign pricing to customers to maximize profitability in different product groups. We're able to objectively evaluate a customer based on, for example, volume, credit worthiness, cost to service, and the range of products they buy from us.”

“We can tell customers that if they buy more, or buy multiple products, or pay on time, they can get a better price,” says Hafen. 

Scorecards improve employee productivity

Hafen appreciates how accessible data is in Epicor BisTrack. “I can see what's going on in every part of our business, at each branch, and with specific customers. It's all on my iPad. We have scorecards for the metrics that are important in each functional area. I can review performance with each manager to see how well we're managing, for example, sales orders, receivables, or payables. Between the scorecards and increased revenue, revenue per employee has increased at least 50%.”

Single platform of integrated business systems

Another benefit of upgrading to Epicor BisTrack is doing more on a single platform. “Epicor BisTrack integrated the functionality of 10 separate software packages we used previously, including reporting, dispatch, document imaging, CRM, and a customer portal,” says Blomquist.

“We were able to fully eliminate and save licensing fees on some of them by consolidating it all into Epicor BisTrack,” elaborates Hafen. “My overarching vision is to automate the entire customer process. Some enhancements we plan to integrate with Epicor BisTrack include tying commissions directly into the payroll system, and integrating electronic take-offs, truss, and wall panel designs.”

“Epicor has a solution that is a perfect fit for our industry and our niche,” says Blomquist. “The first question I ask with any new initiative is: How can we do this in Epicor BisTrack, or are there solutions that already integrate with Epicor BisTrack? The answer has always been: Yes.”


Sunroc Building Materials: Grows Profitably

Pro dealer mines Epicor BisTrack software business data for intelligence to grow profitably.

Company Facts

  • Location: Orem, Utah
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Sales Profile: 92% pro, 8% retail
  • Number of Locations: 9
  • Web site:


  • Improve business performance to return to sustainable and profitable growth



  • 20% increase in sales
  • 30% increase in margins
  • 50% increase in revenue per employee
  • Commission plan tied to business objectives
  • Objective pricing rules
  • Integrated business systems platform

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