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Smith and Edwards Co. - Firearms Management

Smith and Edwards Co. was founded in 1947 by Bert Smith and Lawrence Edwards. The two marines met in the Pacific during World War II, and upon their return, they created the unique Smith and Edwards business selling army surplus.

Departments within the original 171,000 square-foot store now include western tack sales and manufacturing, western jewelry, clothing, footwear, sporting goods equipment-for hunting, fishing, camping, marine, and water sports-firearms, toys, housewares, hardware, automotive supplies, paint, U.S. and international military surplus, emergency preparedness equipment, and much more.

The most valuable aspects of the FFL Compliance Manager solution are an increased confidence in our data because of the system and competitive advantage.

Mike Vause
Sporting Goods Manager | Smith and Edwards

Smooth operations with Epicor solutions

“Smith and Edwards is unique because of our product mix,” said Craig Smith, CEO, Smith and Edwards. “Because of our wide variety of products, we lean almost entirely on our Epicor Eagle N Series software and other Epicor applications to smoothly manage operations. No matter if we are working on manufacturing, soft goods, firearms, or back-office tasks, there is an Epicor solution that helps us make our business run better, more efficiently, and be more profitable. Epicor is a great partner.”

Simplified firearms compliance management

Smith and Edwards uses the cloud-based Epicor FFL Compliance Manager software to streamline firearms transaction entry, reduce non-compliance risk, and quickly and easily generate the necessary reports for ATF inspections or inquiries.

“We were used to doing things in a certain way when it came to firearms compliance management,” said Mike Vause, sporting goods manager, Smith and Edwards. “We've been in hard-bound books for years, so we had a little hesitation in converting to electronic books. There were a number of choices for choosing federal firearms licensees (FFL) compliance software, and we tried several brands that didn't work well. We were using the Epicor Eagle point of sale (POS) system, and once the FFL Compliance Manager application was developed, we knew it was the logical choice for us. We started as one of the pilot programs to try the software-we found it to be superior to the other FFL software we used in the past.”

Quick and simple installation

“Being a cloud-based application did impact our decision,” said Vause. “In my old school brain, I thought, 'What if we input the data and it's gone, then what do we do for records?' Once we got past that fear and understood that all the data is totally backed up, the end result was wonderful and the time savings incredible. The FFL Compliance Manager installation process was quick and simple-it was up and going in a matter of minutes. When we were done, we thought, 'Why didn't we do this sooner?'”

Smooth ATF audits

“As far as our audit process, we will be in a much better position, and they will take less time,” continued Vause. “Anybody who has had an audit knows it's a stressful time. When records are more easily accessible, audits are a little less stressful. That's a great advantage with FFL Compliance Manager-we can run a smooth business, and we'll have smooth audits.”

Confidence and a competitive advantage

“The most valuable aspects of the FFL Compliance Manager solution are an increased confidence in our data because of the system and competitive advantage,” concluded Vause. “Businesses that are not using this solution are spending a lot of time in their firearms recordkeeping. I mainly do acquisitions, so it has made my job so much easier. Manually inputting data on multiple firearms was tedious. Now, we just electronically scan the serial numbers. We are much more accurate, and-because of the time savings-I have more interface time with our customers, which is what's truly important at Smith and Edwards.”

Efficient & Effective Firearms Compliance with Epicor FFL Compliance Manager™

Company Facts Overview

Location-Ogden, Utah

Industry-Specialty Retail, Sporting Goods

Number of Locations-1



Simplify firearms recordkeeping and improve accuracy


Epicor Eagle N Series

Epicor FFL Compliance Manager


Gained a competitive advantage with electronic firearms bound book that was designed by industry experts to enhance retail compliance

Made records more easily accessible for less stressful audits

Increased confidence in data

Improved overall efficiency

Reduced time on data entry and delivered more time with customers

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