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Scales Industrial Technologies

Scales Industrial Technologies, Inc. is a compressed air distributor and service center founded in 1966 to serve customers in such myriad fields as industrial manufacturing, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, power generation, food and beverage, and hospitals and surgical centers. The company's client roster includes many well-known names, as well as a multitude of midsized entities.

Headquartered in Carle Place, New York, Scales has five locations in the Northeast, with 180 employees. To support the company's day-to-day operations, as well as its vision for growth, Scales sought an enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider with industry expertise and innovative software. In 2012, they selected the Epicor Prophet 21 system.

"With Epicor Prophet 21, whatever [data] you can think of, you can get it from the system… All in all, Prophet 21 has been a success for us so far. We are gleaning the information to make intelligent business decisions, and becoming more efficient in our day-to-day processes."

Rob Agnetti
Information Technology Manager | Scales Industrial Technologies, Inc.

According to Rob Agnetti, Information Technology Manager at Scales, "When we chose Epicor, their long-term vision, model for software enhancements and implementation, and approach to the distribution business, were deciding factors for us. We also liked the strong Service and Maintenance module of Prophet 21, and the opportunity to work with Epicor Business Consulting to improve our internal processes."

Modules enhance functionality

Over the past year, Scales has implemented many modules of the Epicor Prophet 21 ERP solution. For example, the company is using DynaChange Rules and Portals extensively in screen design. "DynaChange is working very well for us; we're quite happy with its customization capabilities," explains Agnetti. "It has been very helpful for adding fields, etc. to get all customer information in one spot and make it easy to look up." He adds, "For our Service Group, we used DynaChange along with Service Dispatch to create a portal from the Service Work Orders. We are starting to get some good information from this; it will be rock solid within a year."

As anticipated, Service and Maintenance has also been a good fit for Scales' business. Observes Agnetti, "With Production Orders, which were new to our company, we are now able to track every item as well as the labor that goes into each job, to see the actual profitability of our rebuilt equipment."

Training and support provide advantages

Scales Industrial used Epicor consultants for every aspect of its successful Prophet 21 implementation, including data conversion, project management, etc. States Agnetti, "Epicor offers valuable services; they shouldn't be overlooked…We intend to take full advantage of them. Epicor Support is very knowledgeable about distribution, and sticks with a problem till it's solved." He adds, "Working with Epicor Business Consulting will give us the opportunity to really look at what we do. Application Consulting has been premium, just terrific; we are using it for all of ERP, Service and Maintenance, Sales and Order Entry, Inventory Management, process flows, and documentation. With Prophet 21, whatever [data] you can think of, you can get it from the system. This is why we are sticking with Application Consulting, to learn as much as we can. Our consultant is well-versed in the product and got us to where we are today."

All Epicor Prophet 21 users at Scales have been enrolled in the online Learning Management System (LMS), where they are exposed to all classes relevant to their respective departments. Management pushed employees to get trained, using a "play" database; according to Agnetti, this involved lots of time and effort, but it was worth it. "The training has been wonderful," he says. "We have minimized workarounds-our users have been trained to process all transactions right the first time!"

A team from each Scales location was assigned as "branch champions," assisting with process development and documentation classes. "Everybody was dedicated, and knew what had to be done," notes Agnetti. "Employees with tenure had been on the old system for 15-16 years, so it took some adjusting till everyone got comfortable…Now we can get into the benefits, and wean them off the legacy system over the next 9-12 months."

Growing with a user community

Agnetti has become active in the Prophet 21 Worldwide User Group (WWUG) and says, "It has been a big help. Any Prophet 21 user should be in it; you can get your questions answered. And Epicor interfaces regularly with its user groups to prioritize and develop its software enhancements; that really makes a difference." He also attended the Epicor Insights 2014 Customer Conference, which he describes as "very informative, and well worth it." He concludes, "All in all, Epicor Prophet 21 has been a success for us so far. We are gleaning the information to make intelligent business decisions, and becoming more efficient in our day-to-day processes."

About Epicor

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Company Facts

  • Location: Carle Place, New York
  • Industry: Compressed air
  • Number of Employees: 180
  • Web site:


  • Help an East Coast compressed air distributor and service center to improve warehouse, order and inventory management; financial management; internal workflow automation; and reporting and business intelligence analysis



  • Production Orders track items and labor, to see actual profitability of rebuilt equipment
  • Converting quotes to orders saves time and steps
  • Users have been trained to process all transactions right the first time

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