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Resource Building Materials is a full-service building materials yard specializing in quality block, brick, natural stone, and other building products used for exterior home finishing, masonry, and hardscaping projects. They serve contractors and homeowners from nine locations in Southern California and three locations in Northern California, including a decorative building materials and landscaping yard and showroom.

“The BisTrack system definitely helps us in our inventory management, and was especially helpful during the leaner years. We were able to reduce our inventory and went to a central purchasing model to help us keep our costs down, while still being able to give visibility and access to our branches.”

James Vreeke
Business Unit Leader | Resource Building Materials

As a division of vertically integrated parent company West Coast Management, Resource Building Materials collaborates with its sister divisions to serve local and regional construction markets in five states. Those divisions include West Coast Sand and Gravel, which produces a variety of aggregate products; Material Sales Unlimited, which supplies big box chains with bagged aggregate; and Sunrise Redi-Mix, which supplies ready-mix concrete.

Resource Building Materials implemented Epicor BisTrack software to replace an aging software system and to attain the following strategic goals:

  • Better serve expanding markets and range of customer profiles and product lines
  • Gain efficiencies from economies of scale and vertical integration
  • Provide consolidated financial reporting and business intelligence to the parent company

James Vreeke, business unit leader for Resource Building Materials, says, “BisTrack is a software program that can do just about anything needed for our day-to-day business.”

Centralized data improves inventory management

One of the key benefits of implementing BisTrack software cited by Vreeke is better inventory visibility and management. “One of the greatest benefits of BisTrack software is the ability to keep inventory accurate across multiple locations,” says Vreeke.

“The biggest advantage for us is that each location can see the inventory at the other locations and has the ability to transfer or ship from another location,” Vreeke continues. “That allows us to tell more customers that we can ship product tomorrow, and get that product from one of the other locations. Further, Suggested Ordering, which looks at past order histories and the min/max quantities you've set, helps you come up with a better idea of what you should be ordering.”

“The BisTrack system definitely helps us in our inventory management, and was especially helpful during the leaner years,” recalls Vreeke. “We were able to reduce our inventory and went to a central purchasing model to help us keep our costs down, while still being able to give visibility and access to our branches.”

Simplified maintenance of product codes and pricing

The other feature of the BisTrack system that Vreeke says has been streamlined is the company's tracking and maintenance product codes and pricing. “Maintaining the product codes, costing, and sell pricing is a whole lot easier in with BisTrack software,” says Vreek. “We do it centrally, which has worked out well for us. We're able to export them from an Excel spreadsheet onto a BisTrack import sheet, hit 'Go,' and it's done. That's a huge advantage over what we had before.”

Work orders used for bagged aggregate and ready-mix products

“Most of our business is straight sales orders. We buy one, we sell one. But we also will take one or more source products and add labor to repackage. We use BisTrack software work orders for those orders,” Vreeke explains. “We do that for all our bulk materials-aggregate, deco rocks, sand. We package them in small bags-say, a third of a yard-to deliver to our customers.” 

“But we also use BisTrack work orders to sell to our sister companies,” says Vreeke. “For example, our Materials Sales Unlimited division-or MSU-may sell half-ton bulk bags of sand. So we'll create a work order to take the sand stored in our 26-ton bunkers and give it a new SKU or product code, and we'll sell it to MSU using that new SKU. We're able to relieve our inventory on the bunker, which has one product code, and sell it under a different code and packaging. BisTrack software work orders handle all the inventory control and costing behind the scenes for us.”

“The Sunrise Ready-Mix division is another example of how we use work orders. Every sale they do is a work order,” Vreeke remarks. “The BisTrack software work order captures the cost of the source material for every cement truck that leaves the yard.”

Centralized dispatch nets cost savings

The ability to centralize the dispatch function using BisTrack software also offers significant cost savings. A single hub handles all of the dispatch for the nine Resource Building Materials locations in Southern California, as well as the MSU operations in that region. At any given time, the journeys of some 30 flatbed and bagging trucks are being managed by the Southern California dispatch hub.

“It's great that every store can see the journey planner. Yard managers can prepare for what's coming up for the next day. Counter sales can tell customers when their orders are scheduled for delivery. But they can't manipulate it. Only the central dispatch can manipulate it,” says Vreeke.

“The other great thing is that, if logistically it makes sense to deliver from a different location than the one that sold an order, we can easily set it up for a different branch to pick and deliver it,” he continues. “We can account correctly for the transaction through branch transfers and the journey planner.”

“It's more efficient and cost-effective managing dispatch from a central location,” Vreeke remarks.

Business intelligence tools provide insight 

From finding mistakes to ranking customers, Vreeke says he is impressed with the tools that are built into the BisTrack system to help access, present, and analyze data. “The business intelligence tools are incredible. You can get any information you want from the system,” says Vreeke.

“For example, a new location manager joined out team and asked me for a report showing which customers' sales were trending higher and which were trending lower for his location. I spit out the report in about two minutes. He said, 'Holy cow, that's unbelievable!'”

“Another huge advantage is being able to create reports and cubes that isolate certain data and help find mistakes,” says Vreeke. “That's a whole lot easier than it used to be for us.”

BisTrack team committed to customer success

“Lastly, the people who support and develop the BisTrack system are really great,” says Vreeke. “Their commitment to making the product work for each customer, listening to the customer, finding ways to solve issues when they arise-it's unreal. Their effort to continually improve the BisTrack product is very impressive to me.”

Gaining Dispatch & Delivery Insight with Epicor BisTrack

Nicholas Kreuger, business unit leader for Materials Sales Unlimited/Resource Building Materials, explains how their dispatch and delivery business has improved with Epicor BisTrack.

Company Facts

  • Location: Stanton, California
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Specialty: Block, Brick, Stone, Construction Aggregates, Decorative Rock
  • Number of Locations: 12
  • Website:


  • Optimize operations and profitability at multiple locations
  • Collaborate with multiple vertically integrated business units



  • Centralized purchasing for lower overall inventory levels and reduced costs
  • Streamlined product code and pricing management
  • More efficient, logistically improved deliveries with better visibility through centralized dispatch
  • Better access to information for decision-making

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