Remy Battery Co. Inc.

For more than eight decades, Remy Battery Co. Inc. has specialized in the supply of quality-branded batteries and accessories. Originally dedicated to the metropolitan Milwaukee area, the company now services the entire United States and Canada from three locations based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Escanaba, Michigan. Family-owned and operated since its opening in 1931, the company currently carries approximately 15,000 separate products. This includes 50,000 to 60,000 SKUs representing the battery products of all the major manufacturers, as well as a full line of boxes, trays, chargers, cables and connectors, jumper packs, power inverters, tools and maintenance equipment.

The difference is night and day. Prophet 21 has improved the accuracy and efficiency of our organization by at least 50 percent. Prior to Prophet 21, it took four individuals to perform an annual inventory count that literally took days. Now, one person can gather the same information with even greater accuracy and detail in little more than one day.

Michael Moeller
President | Remy Battery Co. Inc.

"We sell throughout all of North America, but also have a very large walk-in business at each of our stores," says Michael Moeller, president of Remy Battery. "As a result, our customers rely on us to have whatever they need, whenever they need it. Our entire reputation is based on the depth of our stock and expert customer service." Unfortunately, this commitment and the ability to easily track products throughout each of Remy's three locations were limited by an inventory control system consisting mainly of "a ledger book and late hours." In 2006, the company began searching for a software solution that would not only provide "stable, real-time service in a platform that understands our industry," but also offer the ability to expand and support the additional growth of new branches.

Based on the recommendations of several industry colleagues, Moeller and his associates explored the many features provided by the Epicor Prophet 21 enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Of particular interest was its potential for managing inventory at each storefront, in addition to checking the availability of items from the field.

Making jobs easier

Prophet 21 went live at Remy in 2008, after the company worked diligently with Epicor consultants to install the system and upload purchasing and pricing data related to thousands of products. "The difference is night and day," explains Moeller. "Epicor was exceptional at helping us to overcome the learning curve, through a combination of Web-based training and one-on-one instructional sessions at our headquarters, so we were able to hit the ground running once the system went live.

"Immediately, the time savings were immense and our jobs became easier," Moeller notes. "Prior to Prophet 21, it took four individuals to perform an annual inventory count that literally took days. Now, one person can gather the same information with even greater accuracy and detail in little more than one day."

According to Moeller, other significant benefits include creating the flexibility to define specific responsibilities for individuals within the company. "Prophet 21 has improved the accuracy and efficiency of our organization by at least 50 percent. Prior to the solution, everyone did a little bit of everything. Now, we have assigned activities for everything from customer service and accounts receivable to shipping and receiving," he adds.

Tracking information, inventory and pricing

The ability to take and process orders online has become one of the fastest-growing parts of the business since Remy's Prophet 21 implementation, according to Moeller. In addition to enabling the speedy fulfillment of requests through Remy's e-commerce Web site, the system now allows the company's field staff to readily check the status and up-to-date pricing of specific products and then complete on-the-spot transactions.

"The solution is just so easy to use," offers John Peters, Remy's purchasing manager for the past 23 years. "It combines multiple features that let you jump around and capture all the information you need at one time. At any given moment, I can check the inventories at all three locations, and if necessary, move stock around to make sure we're never out of top-selling items. In turn, this has also helped us to keep costs down, while enabling us to better track the location of obsolete, perishable or expired items."

As a leading area supplier in a commodity marketplace, Peters also appreciates the way Prophet 21 has empowered the company to adjust pricing. "Our costs change monthly, if not daily," he says. "We can now easily and regularly view each product individually and set
prices according to the latest market fees. This is a tremendous feature that has enhanced our bottom line, while still permitting us to provide customers with the best possible deal. Over the past four years, Prophet 21 has become an integral part of our business and a proven ally in our continued growth."

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  • Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Industry: General
  • Number of Employees: 25
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  • Enhance the eCommerce, inventory control and competitive pricing capabilities of a leading supplier of power supplies and related industry products


  • Epicor Prophet 21


  • Better manage inventory at three separate locations, while allowing sales staff to check the availability of items from the field and adjust pricing with real-time access to the latest product informatio
  • Enhance the speedy fulfillment of requests through an eCommerce Web site

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