Raymond Building Supply

Positioning for growth without adding staff 

Raymond Building Supply serves professional builders from five locations near their base in North Fort Meyers, Florida. Epicor BisTrack business management software is an integral part of the company’s plan for growth.

The LBM dealer implemented BisTrack software in 2009 and it has helped restructure their business to operate more efficiently in Florida’s hard-hit market. “There are many reasons we switched from Epicor® ECS Pro™ to BisTrack software,” reported Candy Loweke, process analyst, Raymond Building Supply. “The most significant was that it was an older system that just didn’t meet our needs. We needed more analytics, more reporting, and more tools to manage the business that ECS Pro wasn’t able to provide.”

BisTrack software helps us do more with fewer people.

Candy Loweke
Process Analyst | Raymond Building Supply

BisTrack software has automated many tasks that had been done manually at Raymond. It was a full-time job to re-enter Andersen IQ orders, and it was another full-time job to generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports—both of which are now handled easily from within the BisTrack solution. Additionally, tasks as varied as inventory, calculating sales tax, and searching for and filing documents are completed much faster within the solution. “We’ve eliminated redundant administrative tasks and repurposed several full-time employees,” Loweke said.

Loweke also said they’re confident that the market will turn around. “People will always want to retire to Florida,” she remarked. “As our market rebounds, we’ll be in a great position to grow without having to add staff.”

Management insight

For Loweke, the ability to “get anything out of the system” using dashboards and smartviews has saved countless hours and given managers fresh business insights. “I can’t begin to put a number on it, but I know it pays for itself,” she said.

As an example, BisTrack software automatically emails sales figures directly to top company managers—three times each day—so that wherever they are, they can see how business is doing.

“It’s all about the dashboards to me,” said Duane Swanson, Jr., president and CFO, Raymond Building Supply. “Our managers have their BisTrack software dashboards up 24/7—constantly monitoring our business operations in real time with much greater efficiency. Whether it’s gross margin exceptions, system alerts, you name it, the information is all there, so they can be more proactive. That’s huge.”

More productive team

“With BisTrack Cloud software, our field sales team is more productive while on the road, at job sites, and in our yards,” said Loweke. “We currently have a half a dozen sales people using BisTrack Cloud on tablets. In the field, they can quickly and easily access real-time data to check orders, look up customer information, and search inventory—all of which helps them close orders faster.”

Efficiency gains

Loweke values the way BisTrack software’s workflow ensures that all steps are completed properly and that everyone has timely information. “BisTrack software’s workflow really guides the business model,” she revealed. “You don’t have to search for what slipped through the cracks—the software points it out to you.”

Loweke also praised the BisTrack software find feature and the ability to link related documents and drill down for more information, so employees can quickly find an audit trail or background information.

The BisTrack instant documentation solution has helped Raymond uncover issues that were eating away at their profits—delivery disputes where missing items were replaced at Raymond’s cost, kits where inventory was not fully allocated, and mistakes due to lost paperwork. “Taking photos of deliveries definitely pays for itself,” commented Ken Myers, millwork manager at Raymond, referring to the BisTrack Mobile Delivery feature that uses a camera phone to capture photos of a delivered load and link it to the order documents.

“Using the BisTrack Delivery application, our team can instantly document when and where an order was delivered or returned goods were picked up,” said Loweke. “It is second nature to our team, and honestly, it gets used much more than we expected. The first day we sent our drivers out with the app, we had a customer call in about missing material. Our manager was able to simply pull up a photo within BisTrack Delivery and—with the information at hand—was able to answer the customers concerns on the spot. The BisTrack Delivery app is a reliable way to help ensure accurate deliveries. I don’t see how any dealer can operate in this day and age without it.”

“We use BisTrack Mobile Inventory Count for stock management in terms of cycle counts and inventory management at midyear and year end,” Loweke continued. “Before, we did it the old fashioned way—weeks preparing, setting up the system for counts, printing out all the paperwork, and shutting down the business. It was a long process that would take an entire weekend to complete and a loss of a few thousand dollars. Now, with BisTrack Mobile Inventory Count, we send several teams out with mobile devices and complete the entire count in five hours, and—with the business still open—we continue to make sales. The entire process is very easy, quick, and much more accurate.”

“We’ve fixed problems we didn’t even know we had. I didn’t anticipate such benefits, but BisTrack software really saves us a lot of time resolving expensive problems.”

Better customer service

“We’re always looking at how to better our operations—do things more efficiently and more effectively,” Loweke said. “With the BisTrack Customer Stratification tool, we use analysis dashboards to determine our company’s true net profit from customers. For example, we calculate delivery charges and costs and the number of estimates we do for a customer. We assign a cost to orders based on how many line items are on the order—this lets us see our gross margin for a customer. We also collect miles per delivery and spread that across the loads on the trucks. This information makes us both efficient and effective with our deliveries.”

“Our managers look at Customer Stratification dashboards to see everything from how customers pay bills, all the way through to every aspect of orders and how much money we’re really making on each customer. This key information helps us when negotiating with a customer, because we can see how many deliveries we’re making, and we can work together on reducing one-off deliveries. When sales are down, we have to find ways to improve profit. How do you improve profit? You start looking at how you’re servicing your current customers. Customer Stratification is a key tool that helps us analyze our customers to be better armed with the information needed to make appropriate decisions and develop mutually beneficial customer relationships.”



Company Facts

  • Location: North Fort Meyers, Florida
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Number of Locations: 4 showrooms, 1 door and millwork plant
  • Website: www.rbsc.net


  • Grow business regardless of market situation
  • Streamline order entry
  • Eliminate delivery disputes


  • Epicor® BisTrack
  • Epicor BisTrack Delivery
  • Epicor BisTrack Mobile Inventory Count
  • Epicor BisTrack Cloud
  • Epicor BisTrack Customer Stratification


  • Reduced administration staff
  • Saved time retrieving information and reports
  • Improved project accuracy
  • Enabled managers to be proactive
  • Positioned company for growth without added staff
  • Automated tasks that had previously been done manually

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