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Viking Lumber

Viking Lumber implemented the Epicor BisTrack lumber dealer software to help the five-location company run more efficiently and uphold its tradition of excellence in customer service and product excellence. Two years after the implementation, Viking Lumber acquired Rhoades Building Products and standardized on Epicor BisTrack as the company-wide business management system.

“We know we're on a premium system,” says Chris Carroll, System Administrator at Viking Lumber. “There was no question that we'd continue to use Epicor BisTrack. And our new employees loved it.”

"If you're thinking of Epicor BisTrack, go for it. The support is there, the functionality is there, the technology is great. The Epicor BisTrack user group is worth its weight in gold."

Chris Carroll
System Administrator | Viking Lumber

“The Epicor BisTrack solution helped a lot when we brought on the four new locations,” says Maureen Flanagan, owner/operator of Viking Lumber. “Being Windows based, it wasn't so daunting to learn the software and continue to do business.”

Workflow automation, smart views are timesavers

“In the beginning, the new employees wanted reports and printouts like they were used to, until they realized that they can get up-to-date information now with Epicor BisTrack Dashboards, and Smart Views,” says Carroll.

“Smart Views are very helpful,” Flanagan says. “I use them for everything.”

Carroll also appreciates that Epicor BisTrack automates their processes and streamlines workflow. “Epicor BisTrack does a lot of things automatically behind the scenes that are definitely helpful,” he says. “For example, invoice cost adjustments flow through the whole system right from start to finish, making the adjustment automatically. That's a huge help for us.”

Related documents relieves information bottleneck

“I see people finding more information themselves because it's readily available,” says Carroll. “If there's a discrepancy with any billing or products purchased, we can track the information and look at the history of the data pretty quickly.”

“The Related Documents part of Epicor BisTrack is awesome,” says Flanagan. She explains that staff at head office pay the bills for all 10 locations. “Anyone at any location can find the documents they need sitting at their desk, instead of calling the branch or head office staff and having someone dig through the files and fax it to them. There's less of the irritation that comes when one person doesn't see the urgency the same way the other does.”

Enhancements and user community make Epicor BisTrack ever-stronger product

“The Epicor BisTrack team is responsive and very forward thinking,” comments Flanagan. “It seems just as you're thinking something would be nice to have, there it is in the next release.”

“The most impressive thing is the frequency of new feature releases, and what has improved in the product,” says Carroll. “I don't hesitate to do an upgrade. We don't have to close out, or wait until month end or year end. With Epicor BisTrack, I just push a few buttons and walk away.”

Carroll and Flanagan recognize the contributions of not only the Epicor BisTrack solutions on-going product development, but also the actively involved Epicor BisTrack User Community who share ideas and templates for successful initiatives using Epicor BisTrack. “You always come away from the user conferences feeling rejuvenated,” says Flanagan.

Carroll concurs: “The Epicor BisTrack user group is worth its weight in gold. If you're thinking of Epicor BisTrack, go for it.” 

“If you haven't considered Epicor BisTrack, then give me a call! It's not a problem,” says Carroll. “I'm thankful to the people that we talked to before we bought, and it's definitely good to return the favor. The support is there, the functionality is there, the technology is great.”

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