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Dartmouth Building Supply

Dartmouth Building Supply (DBS) was founded in 1984 and has since grown into one of the largest independent, family owned and operated building material suppliers in southeastern Massachusetts. The company runs a successful operation consisting of a core building materials supply business, an onsite millwork facility, a premier kitchen design center, and a land development company.

"With BisTrack software, we have all the data and tools we need for accurate business information. This helps us make the best decisions we can to support business growth and encourage a superior customer experience."
Jack Parquette
Vice President of Special Projects | Dartmouth Building Supply

A superior customer experience

DBS has always been a leader in bolstering innovative ways to better serve its customers. To encourage a superior customer experience and reduce operational inefficiencies, DBS implemented the Epicor BisTrack enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

“We decided to implement the Epicor BisTrack solution because our legacy system was falling behind with adaptations to current conditions and the data retrieval necessary to manage future growth,” said Jack Parquette, vice president of special projects, Dartmouth Building Supply. “Additionally, the ability to set appropriate goals for our business was difficult with our old software system. Now, with BisTrack software, we have all the data and tools we need for accurate business information. This helps us make the best decisions we can to support business growth and encourage a superior customer experience.”

Enhancing delivery operations

The BisTrack system has helped DBS look at the business in a different way—specifically when it comes to product delivery and enhancing operations. 

“In terms of managing our deliveries, the BisTrack solution and its Journey Planner module helps immensely,” noted Parquette. “Our business is 50 percent special orders, and we complete around 150 deliveries per day. Any dealer trying to handle delivery and yard inefficiencies knows the value of efficient operations and turnaround time. BisTrack software has given us more robust information than any ERP system I’ve ever used—and I’ve used six. Last year, our business outperformed the market with 16 percent growth, and fiscal year 2018 year-to-date is up another 18 percent. I couldn’t imagine trying to manage this type of organic growth without the BisTrack solution.”

Business-wide improvements

“BisTrack software has given us the ability to glean specific, actionable data on demand and in a customized and useful format to manage our business,” Parquette added. “For example, the related document storage and access to every aspect of transactions, strong overview of sales and customer performance, and streamlined back-office functions have all increased our operational efficiencies to quickly identify aspects of our business that need attention. Then, using that information, we can seamlessly formulate specific action plans to address issues and improve processes.”

“We have gained a competitive advantage with the BisTrack solution through gross margin improvements of over one full point—which is huge—while maintaining accelerated growth. Because of better information provided by BisTrack software, we have been able to improve turns and GMROI and made major product and supplier improvements due to a more detailed analysis of several segments—moving away from less profitable segments and business.”

“Not to mention, by refining overall operational efficiencies and compiling tools to support our customers in the management of their businesses, we have greatly enhanced the customers’ experience,” he concluded.

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Company Facts

  • Location: North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Number of Locations: 1
  • Website:


  • Leverage a robust ERP system to ensure business continuity and more efficient deliveries



  • Achieved 16% growth in 2017 and 18% growth halfway through fiscal year 2018
  • Improved gross margin by more than one point
  • Allowed for accurate, easily accessible business information
  • Improved decision-making to support growth and encourage a superior customer experience

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