Pleasant Supplies TIMBER MART

Pleasant Supplies TIMBER MART is a family-owned business located in Nova Scotia, Canada. The company provides building materials, hardware, doors and windows, along with installed sales for kitchens, chimneys, and stoves. A group of 21 expert employees serve a customer base of primarily contractors. The company, part of the TIM-BR MART Group, delivers high-value products with competitive prices while providing exceptional customer service.

The first year we had the Epicor Eagle system, our margins went up 1.2 percent. When you're talking about five million dollars, it's a huge improvement.

Dave Bowers
Store Manager | Pleasant Supplies TIMBER MART

Pleasant Supplies TIMBER MART improves margins by 1.2% with Epicor Eagle

A few years ago, the owners decided it was time for a new computer system with a Windows-style user interface. After reviewing several technology vendors, Epicor Eagle was chosen for its easy-to-use interface, access to store data, and reporting flexibility.

More Efficient Inventory Management

Dave Bowers, store manager of Pleasant Supplies, has found that he can perform his daily inventory tasks more quickly with the Epicor Eagle system. "I manage about 20,000 SKUs," said Bowers. "Before, I frequently had to wait for inventory reports to run overnight-all that has changed. Now, I see data from Eagle whenever I want and can easily export to Excel as needed. Seeing and manipulating data quickly has been one of the biggest benefits of the new system."

Pleasant Supplies has seen improvement in receiving, too. "Our counts are more accurate because the receiver can quickly scan each item with our new bar code scanner," said Bowers. "We know much faster which items we are missing and which items were sent by mistake. What used to take a full day to receive, now takes only an hour."

Quick Access to Data Saves Time

Bowers has been impressed with the ability to access a rich repository of data and view it whenever it's needed. "The flexibility to view documents and data instantly is a big improvement," said Bowers. "I can search for almost anything, in any order. It's very powerful to see an invoice in seconds, which used to take several minutes, best case scenario. When searching for information in our previous system, we had to 'page down' a long list to arrive at what we were looking for. Now the search is more accurate, and the results display on the full-screen. We find what we're searching for much faster, and that means we can help our customers faster, too."

Electronic Records Improves Efficiency

Pleasant Supplies keeps better, more accurate records with the help of Epicor Document Management. "We scan signed loading tickets and electronically link them to invoices," said Bowers. "If three months after shipment, a customer says they never received an item, we simply pull up the loading ticket on the screen and see who signed for it. We can even instantly email the copy to our customer. This process took much longer with paper files and filing cabinets. We save time and our customers are happier."

The account receivables department is more efficient as well. "Our AR team used to have to run across the street to our storage facility and dig through boxes to find a document," said Bowers. "Now, they click the mouse a few times, and they have all the information they need on the screen. If a customer wants their invoices from last year for tax purposes, we can quickly give them a professional looking printed report, or emailed report-it's done in minutes, not days."

Big Wins in Customer Service

Pleasant Supplies uses the time saved with Epicor Eagle to offer more attentive customer service. "Customers can be helped faster and more efficiently," said Bowers. "Our employees are always at the counter. We have maybe three to five percent more customer traffic, and I believe it's because our employees are more available. Our customer service is an incentive for contractors to continue to buy from us. You can get a 2x4 anywhere, but it's the service that makes a difference."

The wealth of information available also helps the Pleasant Supplies team better manage customers' accounts. "We have easier access to customer information now," said Bowers. "If a customer exceeds his credit limit and requires authorization, I can override the transaction instantly, from any terminal. It's just another way better serve our customers."

Peace of Mind with Nightly Data Back-up

Pleasant Supplies used to have problems with backup failures because a DVD didn't always have the needed storage capacity. After Bowers learned about Epicor Secure Data Backup, a system that generates both a digital backup that stays in the store and a second one that is stored on Epicor servers, he knew it would be better for his business. "Once Secure Data Backup was set up, I didn't have to do a thing," said Bowers. "If something is wrong with the backup, Epicor will call me. I have peace of mind, with far less work."

Epicor Eagle has led to improved operations, increased margins and accelerated inventory turns. "Epicor Eagle works very well," said Bowers. "From the back office to the counter, the system has made our daily tasks much easier. The first year we had the Epicor Eagle system, our margins went up 1.2 percent. When you're talking about five million dollars, it's a huge improvement."

About Epicor

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Company Facts

  • Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Industry: HWHC
  • Number of Stores: 1
  • Website:
  • Affiliation: TIM-BR MART


  • Access to inventory and other store data only after reports ran overnight
  • Cumbersome paper document storage and research
  • Occasionally missing nightly data back-ups


  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Document Management
  • Epicor Secure Data Backup


  • Increased margin by 1.2% in the first year
  • Gained real-time access to important sales,customer and inventory data
  • Saved time with easy availability of electronic ocuments
  • Increased confidence in daily back-ups

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