Patrick Lumber Company

Patrick Lumber Company is a distributor, importer, and exporter with a focus on West Coast species, high grade and value-added wood products used to manufacture doors, furniture, cabinetry, millwork, and other specialty products. Through its reliable and efficient distribution network, the company satisfies domestic and export orders for softwood lumber in truckload, railcar, and container volumes.

“LumberTrack is a fully integrated system that has assisted us in becoming more efficient in many ways. It is allowing us to grow without adding clerical staff.”

Mark Auxier
Chief Financial Officer | Patrick Lumber Company

Before implementing the Epicor LumberTrack solution, Patrick Lumber kept track of inventory and remanufacturing costs with an inefficient legacy system heavily reliant on manual processes. Now, LumberTrack software documents sales orders, purchase orders, work orders, and remanufacturing costs-saving countless administrative hours and providing accurate, timely information to their traders for better customer service.

“We're getting a ton of benefits,” says Mark Auxier, chief financial officer at Patrick Lumber Company. "LumberTrack is a fully integrated system that has assisted us in becoming more efficient in many ways. It is allowing us to grow without adding clerical staff.”

Reman inventory management easier and more accurate

Patrick Lumber offers value-added outsourced services using high-quality partners in the remanufacturing and millwork industry. Auxier describes how LumberTrack software saves Patrick Lumber the effort of re-entering tally and tag information:

“Most of our mills simply export their tally sheets and send us a spreadsheet, which we can upload directly to work orders with minimal effort.”

LumberTrack software work orders are flexible and powerful, allowing multiple traders' inventory to be consumed and produced on the same work order, tracking revisions, and attributing value-added costs to the items.

“When the work is complete, we receive the tags in a data file from our outsourcers. We just upload it. We don't have to enter it,” says Auxier. “It saves us time. And the faster products are entered into inventory, the faster you can invoice them.”

Time-saving and customization features

Auxier is pleased with LumberTrack software's many timesaving features that help Patrick Lumber grow without adding clerical staff. “For example, scanning and storing documents electronically has saved maybe one half-time person walking around and looking for files. Now if a trader needs a document, it's there online, click it, e-mail it.”

Other time- and cost-saving examples include:

  • Calculating commission automatically rather than by spreadsheet
  • Creating weekly trading reports, saving an estimated 40 hours annually
  • Copying and exporting data to Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word for re-use and editing

Real-time data, faster reporting

LumberTrack software's Quick Answer Lists and Dashboards give Patrick Lumber access to real-time data presented intelligently to help them run the business better. Examples of the data viewed regularly are:

  • Open orders, AR, and inventory by trader
  • Margins by trader, fiscal period, and year
  • Sales by trader, customer, business day, and fiscal period

Further, users can set up LumberTrack software's screens with the information and presentation they need to do their jobs faster and more effectively. “Each user can make their Homepage look the way they want, displaying the fields they need to see, and a 'Favorites List' of the reports and views they use most,” says Auxier.

“This is great functionality,” says Auxier. “I don't think we've even scratched the surface yet to know the impact that having such quick access to our business data will have on our business long-term.”

Partnering with Epicor LumberTrack to Optimize Reman Operations

Christy Biron, administrative services manager, at Patrick Lumber Company reviews how the 100-year-old business has streamlined operations and saved time with Epicor LumberTrack software.

Company Facts

Location: Portland, Oregon

Industry: Lumber and Building Materials

Specialty: Wood Products, Value-Added Distributor

Number of Locations: 1



Operate efficient, value-added lumber distribution network, upholding strong supplier and customer relationships, while maintaining profitability


Epicor LumberTrack


  • Increased administrative efficiency at least 15%

  • Accurate and timely inventory information

  • Better management of sales orders and work orders

  • Better value-add costing and margin control

  • Improved management and operations reporting

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