Pacesetter Sports

In 1982, Pacesetter Sports was opened as a specialty tennis and running store. But as the demands grew for other sporting goods equipment, so did the need to launch a full-service team sports department. As a result, in 1994 Pacesetters expanded its departments to include team, institutional, and corporate divisions. The company has grown to be one of the largest team sports suppliers in Indiana and Illinois.

The flexibility of the Epicor Eagle system allows us to grow our retail and team sports business extensively and it gives us the customer service confidence we need.

Brent Compton
Pacesetter Sports

Pacesetter Sports takes pride in supplying athletes of all ages, sports, and abilities with the finest performance products-including a full range of available products such as: uniforms, equipment, jackets, team shoes and cleats, coach apparel, hats, cheerleading uniforms, and field equipment. The company's top priority is to make it easy for their customers to fulfill athletic supply requirements.

Pacesetter Sports recently transitioned to a new business management system to assist in the fulfillment of these customer requests. Epicor Eagle has helped the company step up to meet the needs of their ever-evolving business.

"We discovered the Epicor Eagle system at an industry tradeshow and we were blown away by the flexibility of the solution," said Brent Compton of Pacesetter Sports. "Initially what we liked most about the system was what it offered for the team sports side of our business-the ability to do simple and complex jobs with Order Entry is remarkable. The function to sub-categorize by sport is exceedingly beneficial to our team sports department, not to mention our other departments. The detail in which we can see each customer's history is something that really captivated us and has been especially impactful for the growth of the business."

As a member of Sports, Inc., Pacesetter Sports is motivated to be a competitive team sports retailer. In addition to providing exceptional and individualized customer service the company knew that intuitive software would also help them compete in the market. As a small, family-owned business the company understood a new software overhaul was going to be a challenge. "We needed a system with high functionality for our team sales side of the business, as well as the retail side," said Compton.

"The flexibility the Eagle system provides is enormous, for example we can access the system when we are out of the store and view information as it happens," said Compton. "This was a key factor in the selection of Epicor as our solution provider. We can work from home and from afar without interruption. The ability to setup customers by schools and then by jobs is a very flexible function we enjoy. We are hopeful this will help us grow our retail and team sales business extensively and give us the customer serviceconfidence we have been striving for."

The most impressive feature that speaks to Pacesetter Sports is the capacity and detail in which Eagle displays customer order history. "Eagle was the right fit," said Compton. "The functionality to drill down and document our inventory and record our customer information is something that really impressed us. Because customer information and order customization is crucial to our business, the transparency this solution provides is invaluable."

"An unforeseen benefit of this new system is that it has given us hope that all our departments can successfully work together- accounts payable, accounts receivable, the sales floor, purchasing and receiving," said Compton. "Eagle is a great system. It's important to note that it is an investment for the company as a whole. We are able to load items in and out of our inventory quicker, track customers more extensively and with less confusion, and it really provides us with better reports from inside our business."

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Company Facts


  • Outdated system with limited functionality not suitable for the growth of their busines
  • Inability to breakdown customers by specific orders


  • Epicor Eagle


  • Instant access to real-time customer information and extensive customer trackin
  • Ability to remotely access the syste
  • Capability to send customers invoices via e-mail; saves on printing, postage and labor costs

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