Oxford Feed & Lumber

Oxford Feed & Lumber started in 1865 selling grain, hay, lumber and farm supplies. Family-owned since 1918, the company is the second oldest Purina® dealer in the United States. Today, the 5th generation business works out of three Pennsylvania locations selling lawn and garden supplies, horse and pet food, and lumber.

Since 1998, Oxford Feed & Lumber has relied on the Epicor Eagle business management solution to automate operations throughout its three locations. The company recently added the Epicor Eagle Mobile solution, a wireless scanning device that performs on-the-spot price changes and label printing and streamlines receiving and inventory management tasks. “Epicor Eagle Mobile is a must-have solution for receiving, purchasing, quick price changes, and inventory control,” said Larry Drennen Jr., owner of Oxford Feed & Lumber.

“It used to take two days to receive 10-20 boxes. Now, with Epicor Eagle Mobile, it only takes two hours to receive that same quantity. It's more efficient and much more accurate.”

Larry Drennen Jr.
Owner | Oxford Feed & Lumber

Receiving is 70 percent more accurate and days faster

Epicor Eagle Mobile solution has dramatically improved Oxford's receiving process. “There is a greater opportunity for error by receiving manually. We would have one or two employees circling items and working through 10 to 20 boxes. Interruptions in the process, like getting called to the store or answering customer questions, would increase the chances for errors,” said Drennen. “Now, if employees get called into the store, it's not a problem. The scanner remembers right where they left off. The accuracy is about 70% higher than receiving by hand.”

Receiving by hand was also a slow process. “It used to take two days to receive 10 to 20 boxes,” said Drennen. “Now, with Epicor Eagle Mobile, employees scan the items and immediately place them on shelves. It only takes two hours to receive that same quantity. It's more efficient and much more accurate.”

Changing prices on-the-fly

Epicor Eagle Mobile solution speeds up processes on the sales floor, too. “It's important that I can change prices and print labels right on the spot,” said Drennen. “We can now react very fast to our competitors. For example, if a local competitor prints a flier offering a product $5 below our price, we can adjust our price right away. I simply take the Epicor Eagle Mobile scanner to the shelf, scan the item, print the new price label right there, and it's done with a quick price change.”

Inventory data Oxford Feed & Lumber can trust

Epicor Eagle Mobile solution also improves the accuracy and speed of Oxford's inventory counts. “It's very easy to implement cycle counting with Epicor Eagle Mobile,” said Drennen. “We assign an employee to count bin locations or a section. They scan each item with the Epicor Eagle Mobile scanner and it's uploaded to the Epicor Eagle system. It's so easy, efficient and the accuracy of the inventory number has increased. I now trust the inventory values in our system. The Epicor Eagle Mobile solution is worth every dollar invested.”

Company Facts

  • Location: Oxford, Pennsylvania
  • Industry: Farm and Home
  • Number of Locations: 3
  • Employees: 50
  • Web site:  www.oxfordfeedlumber.com


  • Slow and challenging receiving process
  • Inaccurate inventory



  • Receiving is 70 percent more accurate and days faster
  • Improvements to accuracy and speed of inventory counts
  • Speeds up processes on the sales floor

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