In an age when large automotive parts retailers are aggressively pursuing the wholesale market, one family-owned retail business in Québec City is doubling down on its commitment to consumers. And this strategy is paying dividends in the form of increased sales and strong relationships with a customer base that numbers in the tens of thousands.

Moving to Eagle was a smart investment. Our business is running better. We have much greater control of our inventory. And most important, this is a system we can grow with for a long time.

Denis Bérubé
Co-Owner | Nordique

Québec's Nordiques Expanding Retail Business with Epicor Eagle System

Nordiques Inc., a member of the Modern Sales Co-operative (MSC), began as an automotive service garage in 1970. Company founder Robert Bérubé converted the business into a wholesale/retail parts operation in 1979, and the company has been a favorite of local vehicle owners ever since. Now owned and operated by Bérubé's three children-Francis, Denis and Chantal-the singlelocation business also services the woodworking market.

Targeting the 'Next Level'

To help significantly streamline administrative operations and enhance profitability in both markets, Nordiques became one of the first MSC members to implement the Epicor Eagle for the Aftermarket business management software. The Eagle solution replaced an in-house system that had served the company well for nearly 15 years but had clearly reached its functional limits.

"There were too many opportunities we weren't able to address with the old technology, so we looked for a new solution that could help take us to the next level," Denis Bérubé explains.

The "next level" for Nordiques includes the establishment of comprehensive eCommerce business targeting consumers across a much larger geographical area. Denis and his siblings are hoping this new operation will increase the retail share of their business from 80 to 90 percent of total sales. Retail has driven their growth for more than 30 years and the family expects it to continue to thrive thanks to an increased emphasis on customer service and convenience and enhanced inventory efficiency.

"Our motto is, 'Quality, service and best price,'" he says. "Every customer who walks in our door has an account set up in our Eagle system, and we greet them by name. That's close to 50,000 separate accounts! When they walk in the door two years down the road, I can tell them exactly what they bought on a certain day and track its warranty if they're having a problem."

Fast, Accurate and More Productive

The Eagle software's Microsoft Windows®-based user interface has helped make Nordiques counter employees faster and more efficient-a key benefit for any retail business. Training time is reduced and users have all of the tools at their fingertips to look up, view and select any part in the store's extensive inventory.

The Eagle solution is tightly integrated with Epicor's industryleading PartExpert aftermarket parts database and LaserCat 3 eCatalogue interface, which seamlessly connect users to more than 8 million part numbers, 7,500 manufacturer product lines and 22 million interchanges.

"The ability of our employees to look up any part without leaving their terminal is a very big thing for us, so Eagle has been a huge time saver in that respect. Our counter staff was in love with it by the end of the first week," Denis says.

Nordiques' owners are saving time, as well, through the enhanced reporting, pricing and other administrative capabilities of their new software. The Eagle software enables Denis to export any of scores of sales and inventory reports to a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet, and he can now easily email statements and invoices to customers.

Simplified Pricing, Higher Margins

Denis also is using the Eagle system's integrated Epicor Compass analytics to create custom reports and quickly develop and upload pricing updates. "Compass is a very powerful tool," he says. "We're using it to enhance our pricing strategies and I can now drill down into any part file to look for opportunities to increase our margin."

Denis anticipates continued margin growth as the store's B2C eCommerce website gains traction. The prospect of serving customers 24/7 without the need to add employees is an attractive prospect for any business owner, especially one with such a large portfolio of established consumer relationships.

There are still many capabilities of Eagle that Denis and his family members have yet to deploy. Nevertheless, the new software has already made a positive difference. Up next are a system-driven customer loyalty program and targeted savings in inventory investment.

"Moving to Eagle was a smart investment," he says. "Our business is running better. We have much greater control of our inventory. And most important, this is a system we can grow with for a long time."

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Company Facts

  • Location: Québec City, Canada
  • Industry: Automotive Aftermarket
  • Number of Locations: 1
  • Web site:


  • Streamline administrative processes
  • Reinforce customer service leadership
  • Increase profitability across all lines
  • Establish strong B2C eCommerce business


  • Epicor Eagle for the Aftermarket


  • Counter sales staff is faster and more efficient
  • Now emailing customer invoices and statements
  • Dramatically improved reporting and business analysis
  • Seamless integration with fully functional eStore

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