National Standard Parts Associates

Headquartered in Pensacola, Florida, National Standard Parts Associates (NSPA) is a leading manufacturer of heat-shrink terminals, tubing, tools, and electrical specialty parts for the marine, trucking, and automotive aftermarkets. With an extensive network of retail and industrial accounts throughout the United States and Canada, NSPA has grown tremendously over the past five years. This includes a 60 percent rise in sales, tripled manufacturing capabilities, and expanded operations space from 15,000 to 90,000 sq. ft.

“Epicor is at the heart of what we do. Everything runs through it. Our financials, customer service and labor records, inventory, sales and order tracking-it's all right there in dashboards we customized ourselves. As a result, we see information sooner, make timelier, cost-effective decisions, and develop processes that lower the time and expenses associated with each project.”

Angela Daly
Vice President of Finance | NSPA

“Amazingly, we achieved all this without significantly raising headcount,” said Brooks Endacott, president, NSPA. “Enhanced efficiencies have streamlined everything we do. We no longer just make products. NSPA takes pride in partnering with clients and suppliers to solve problems. Subsequently, we've launched more new value-added services since 2011 than we did in the past 30 years combined.”

Peeling back the data with Epicor

According to Endacott, much of the credit can also be attributed to the continual investment in new technologies that helped NSPA peel back the data companywide and institute a wealth of processes that streamlined procedures, cut costs, increased revenues, and identified anomalies in real time. Among the most significant of these enhancements was the implementation of the Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which provided the foundation for NSPA's growth and foray into new markets.

“Epicor is at the heart of what we do,” explains Angela Daly, vice president of finance, NSPA. “Everything runs through it. Our financials, customer service and labor records, inventory, sales and order tracking-it's all right there in dashboards we customized ourselves. As a result, we see information sooner, make timelier, cost-effective decisions, and develop processes that lower the time and expenses associated with each project.”

Combined resources for increased efficiencies

Prior to Epicor, NSPA had no way to merge and review data from each individual department. They couldn't even send a UPS package without the use of a separate computer program. Epicor ERP has since combined three different databases, multiple spreadsheets, and Word documents into one easy-to-use and quickly accessed analytical resource. 

In addition, Epicor has helped NSPA meet and exceed customer scorecard goals and become the preferred vendor for numerous new and existing clients. NSPA achieved this through the automatic generation of daily, weekly, or monthly reports and scheduling tools, depending on the department.

This automation not only reduced month-end close-outs from five to three days, but was also nimble enough to instantly update production timelines and facilitate customer next-day requirements. Other benefits include the ability to monitor key performance indexes to share with employees on a daily basis.

“Epicor continues to be an invaluable tool set, enabling us to improve the speed, accuracy, and visibility of virtually all activities within the company,” offered Brad Price, vice president of operations, NSPA. “Everything from a front-end EDI system for order entry, to capturing job costs on the shop floor, to back-end integration with freight carriers is automated. Backorders and errors have been dramatically reduced. Real-time, meaningful information is now available at our fingertips, and we are better able to monitor and measure performance.”

Transforming business to meet future demands

“It's hard to imagine where we would be without Epicor,” concluded Endacott. “The platform and architecture have transformed the business by better enabling us to meet present customer demands, increase transaction rates, and support new rollouts and launches into overseas markets. We've grown from a manufacturing company to a solutions provider that fully understands the true costs associated with every job and measures necessary to make every transaction profitable.”


National Standard Parts Associates extends customer flexibility to meet customer needs

With the assistance of Epicor, National Standard Parts Associates improved flexibility. NSPA was able to create custom dashboards, custom reports, set up business process monitors that alert managers and users if certain conditions exist through email and pop up on the screen.

Company Facts

  • Location: Pensacola, Florida
  • Industry: Automotive aftermarket supply
  • Number of employees: 50
  • Website:


  • Enhance efficiencies and grow through streamlined procedures that cut costs, increase revenues, and identify anomalies in real time


  • Epicor® ERP


  • Increased sales by approximately 60 percent over five years
  • Launched more new products since 2011 than in the previous 30 years combined
  • Saw information sooner, made more timely, cost-effective decisions
  • Reduced backorders and human errors

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