Middleton Farmers Cooperative

Middleton Farmers Cooperative Company, serving Wisconsin since 1928, is a $29 million company with three primary divisions: petroleum products, feed, and hardware and landscape. The hardware and landscape division has relied on the Epicor Eagle business management solution to run its operations since 2001. With recent reports of retailers experiencing data security breeches, they turned to the Epicor Data Security Review program to assess and implement a data security plan that addresses PCI compliance requirements and helps protect its customers' data.

"Every retailer would benefit from increased awareness of the security risks in their environment and from the action plan the Epicor Data Security Review program delivers."

Tim Stelpflug
Hardware Manager | Middleton Farmers Cooperative
Eagle meets changing business needs

"The beauty of the Epicor Eagle system is its flexibility to support our business. We've been able to take this system and make it do whatever we needed to do," said Tim Stelpflug, hardware manager at Middleton Farmers Cooperative. "We continually add Eagle features as our business needs dictate. Last year we implemented Eagle Document Management features like electronic invoicing. Now contractors can load bulk landscape materials out in the yard, while their invoice is e-mailed instantaneously to their office. We trust Epicor to deliver solutions we can use, so it was an easy decision to trust Epicor with our data security with the Data Security Review program."

PCI compliance is center stage

With the increasing national focus on data security, small business merchants are examining their own practices to ensure that their customers' information is safe. Epicor Eagle retailers can now mitigate the risk of a data breach through improved protection and management of business and customer data with the Epicor Data Security Review program. "We've been aware of the increasing number of local businesses experiencing data breaches, then when a company like Home Depot was breached, we wanted to make sure we had adequate data security in place," said Stelpflug.

Increasing data security makes sense

A data breach could cripple a business with the costs of paying fines or a forensics investigation to discover how many cards were compromised. Even more damaging is the potential loss of customers who take their business elsewhere. "Middleton Co-op regularly upgrades the point of sale (POS) signature capture pads. Our customers notice that we use up-to-date technologies to help keep their data secure," said Stelpflug. "Most of our commercial customers have house accounts, so credit cards make up a small part of our business. Nonetheless, our Internet connections ultimately leave us vulnerable. The Epicor Data Security Review program does a good job of putting the information and tools needed to help manage PCI compliance and customer date protection in our hands - making it easier for us to protect our business."

Easy to follow assessment and plan

The Epicor Data Security Review program provides retailers with onsite information about their security. Conducted by an Epicor Local Platform Specialist (LPS), the program is designed to be customized for each retailer's unique network and software set-up. "Our LPS identified non-compliant systems on our network, such as Windows®
XP, developed a plan to remove those systems, and created a plan designed to secure our network with full PCI compliance. He laid out the roadmap for implementation-what needed to be replaced-which made it a lot simpler to plan and budget," said Stelpflug. "Implementing the Data Security Review program has been very smooth because of the knowledge of and access to our LPS."

A winning partnership

"It's been a real eye opener for us to discover our security shortcomings and build the right business network and data security plan that meets today's security standards," said Stelpflug. "Every retailer would benefit from increased awareness of the risks in their environment and the action plan the Epicor Data Security Review program delivers. Epicor is a fantastic partner."

About Epicor

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Company Facts

  • Location: Middleton, Wisconsin
  • Industry: Hardware, Farm and Home
  • Number of Stores: 1
  • Number of Employees: 11
  • Web site: www.middletoncoop.com
  • Co-Op: Do it Best


  • Maintaining customer data security
  • Meeting PCI compliance standards


  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Data Security Review
  • Epicor Eagle Document Management


  • Improved protection of data and network security
  • Reduced business risk from compromised customer data
  • PCI compliance and network security plan

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