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Founded in 1982, the MFI Group started out as a copy shop in Nairobi and over time began distributing printers across Africa. Four years ago it opened an IT division offering IT and technology consulting, MFI Consulting & Technology, and it has never looked back. The MFI Group now employs over 1,100 employees across 17 countries and has an annual turnover of $50 million USD.

Epicor ERP is the perfect fit for the challenging African market. It offers clients all the functionality that they need while being versatile enough to be able to grow with their business. 

Aadil Tharani
managing director for MFI Consulting & Technology

The company's dynamic business model coupled with its extensive product offering meant that MFI was gradually able to expand its operations and steadily gain market share. However MFI Consulting & Technology realized that it lacked a key ingredient to reaching its objective of becoming one of Africa's top IT and consulting companies-a world-class enterprise resource planning (ERP) offering suited to a variety of industries that was able to meet the demands of business in the challenging African markets. This led the company to Epicor and its next-generation ERP solution.

In 2010 MFI became an Epicor Value-Added Reseller. This has paved the way for massive expansion across Africa, starting in Kenya then spreading across the continent and now into the Middle East where the MFI Group has launched its Dubai office.

Why Epicor

Prior to offering Epicor ERP, MFI Consulting & Technology was a partner of one of the leading Tier 1 solution providers; however, it found that traditional software packages do not offer a product that is as versatile and able to compete in a challenging business environment. They also lack the functionality and flexibility that Epicor ERP offers. "Epicor ERP is the perfect fit for the challenging African market. It offers clients all the functionality that they need while being versatile enough to be able to grow with their business," says Aadil Tharani, managing director of MFI Consulting & Technology.

Epicor ERP is targeted at customers in the manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries. It offers all the necessary expertise and support for the successful planning, implementation and management of tailored business software solutions.

"The Epicor ERP offering is far superior to that of most of the leading Tier 1 vendors, and it's more affordable. Its popularity has been proven by the phenomenal growth we have achieved in Africa," says Tharani.

Investment and Changeover

Through the Epicor ERP industry specific, next-generation, product offering, the MFI Group was able to offer their customers proven business software customized for their industry. This gave them the tools that they needed to streamline their business and maximize profitability. It also inspired them to be more innovative and to think differently about their business.

The MFI Group began the process of migrating to Epicor by switching its existing client base from their incumbent solutions to Epicor. This made the change over relatively inexpensive because these clients were a captive audience who was ready to improve their IT infrastructure. Over time the target circle was expanded to include new clients. This required additional investment in human resources and infrastructure. Over time, the total investment made by MFI has been roughly $1 million USD.

The move to Epicor brought with it phenomenal opportunities for growth and increased revenues across the continent and now the Middle East. This has proven that the decision to become an Epicor reseller was a turning point in the growth and profitability of MFI Consulting & Technology.

The Partnership

Epicor prides itself in the support and training that its offers its partners. Dedicated consultants for resellers offer support and training opportunities in various forms. MFI Consulting & Technology has found this to be invaluable in their transition to Epicor and making it possible for them to almost immediately begin rolling out Epicor ERP with the confidence of knowing that Epicor supports them all the way.

Epicor views MFI Consulting & Technology as an arm of itself focusing on how the two can work together to win business and make a difference to clients with unsurpassed customer service and support.

One such support structure is the Epicor Partners for Growth Program, a comprehensive sales, marketing and support program that offers its partners significant opportunities to grow their business through award-winning products, training and support; essential components in such highly competitive and dynamic markets like Africa and the Middle East.

Ongoing Support from Epicor

The recently launched a partner lead flow platform that assists the MFI Group in generating leads by using ready-to-go campaigns and the ability to turn their websites into a powerful lead source that automatically stays up-to-date with the latest Epicor content and offers. This helps generate good quality leads with the minimal amount of work.

The MFI Consulting & Technology also has access to "ready-to-go" marketing campaigns which they can roll out in their regions on demand. The option to sign up for six month marketing programs further enhances the marketing support which is on offer. All leads generated are routed directly back to MFI Consulting & Technology and not to Epicor.

A dedicated partner portal offers sales, pre-sales, and marketing related support such as embedded education, demo images, live and recorded demos, online training, demo scripts, mentors, and collateral such as the ROI calculator, presentation templates, product roadmaps, references, and a quotation tool, in order for them to be as successful as possible.

The Epicor Marketing Development Fund helps MFI Consulting & Technology to better market themselves and Epicor solutions. The fund can be used for events, co-branding, various collaterals, or lead generation programs. Epicor has a lead locking mechanism that ensures minimal internal conflict over leads. This is a clearly documented process that aims at being fair to all parties, and it gives partners the confidence to go out and generate lead themselves.

Benefits of the Partnership

The success of the partnership is becoming increasingly evident in the growth of MFI Consulting & Technology-recently honored with the "Rookie of the Year" award for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region at the Epicor 2012 Channel Partner Awards.

"Over the past 12 months MFI Consulting & Technology has invested heavily in the Epicor line of business yielding very positive results in Africa. We are now capitalizing on this investment by diversifying geographically and expanding into the Middle East," says Tharani. "The Middle East offers attractive growth potential and Dubai in particular has proven to be the gateway into Africa for many businesses. We will use this to spearhead our strategy of targeting organizations that have a footprint across the Middle East and Africa."

About Epicor

Epicor Software Corporation is a global leader delivering business software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industries. With more than 45 years of experience, Epicor has more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries. Epicor solutions enable companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability. With a history of innovation, industry expertise, and passion for excellence, Epicor inspires customers to build lasting competitive advantage. Epicor provides the single point of accountability that local, regional, and global businesses demand. For more information, visit

Company Facts

  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Industry: Epicor Value-Added Reseller
  • Number of Locations: 8
  • Web site:


  • Traditional software packages do not meet requirements for functionality and flexibility
  • Required enterprise resource planning software with the best fit for the African markets
  • Called for a Tier 2 vendor that could compete with Tier 1 vendors
  • Versatile solution to suit medium sized enterprises



  • Invigorated the MFI Group's business in Africa
  • Paved the way for the MFI Group's expansion into the Middle East
  • Helped to make the MFI Group one of the top IT consulting and technology companies in Africa
  • Boosted profitability

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