Liberty Firearms Institute

Liberty Firearms Institute opened its doors in May of 2016. With a state-of-the-art shooting facility and retail store, the 100,000 square foot business is exceptionally designed and fully equipped to accommodate firearms training and education in a safe and controlled environment. Locally owned and family operated, Liberty Firearms Institute is a unique destination featuring the 15,000-SKU LFI Shooting Sports retail shop; a below-grade, 52-lane shooting range with six bays in varying lengths of 25 to 100 yards including a live-fire simulation range and a steel target bobber room; an onsite gunsmith; classrooms and executive lounge; a vault room; coffee shop; and additional space for future development.

“No matter what happens, whether we have a catastrophic event or a minor outage, with FFL Compliance Manager we will be able to collect all the ATF-required FFL information needed quickly and efficiently.”

Heather Rubel
Store Manager | Liberty Firearms Institute

Streamlined and functional operations

As a new business, Liberty Firearms Institute wanted its operations to be as streamlined and functional as possible. The owners opted for the Epicor Eagle N Series and Epicor FFL Compliance Manager solutions. “Ease of use, analytics, loyalty, gift cards, and inventory control were some of the features that were top of mind for us when selecting a business management solution,” said Heather Rubel, store manager, Liberty Firearms Institute.

“Firearms compliance was definitely our number one concern. We went with the Epicor Eagle N Series and Epicor FFL Compliance Manager solutions because they are robust, well integrated, and will help ensure Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) compliance.”

Modern shooting range + modern technology

Just about every kind of recordkeeping-especially inventory-helps businesses operate efficiently, increase revenues and profits, and better serve customers. “Based on the firearms industry as a whole, you can't find many inventory management systems that can handle the load that we have. Many systems that we saw really don't arm you with the knowledge needed to make the right decisions when it comes to turnovers, how much product is needed for the shelves, or what your margins are,” said Rubel. “We wanted a solution that could do the bulk of inventory management for us automatically. Inventory maintenance within Eagle N Series software is huge, including the reporting, and the beauty is there are many options as far as what you can do to hone in on your inventory or margins and really keep things nice and tight. Additionally, creating a streamlined process for purchasing and receiving product that minimizes employee error is essential.”

“The Eagle N Series solution provides the luxury of being able to design reports, drill down on what you actually need, and then expand on that to look at turnovers, minimums, and maximums so that you can order for the store properly,” said Rubel. “It's also a lot easier to find out where you're lacking in certain departments, and where your strong suits are, then capitalize on those to make sure that you're meeting the needs of your customers so that your customer base can grow and therefore your revenue grows. We are a modern shooting range and, with Epicor, we have modern technology.”

Cloud-based tool

Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) have struggled with ease of use and varying levels of compliance-focused capabilities when using traditional, locally installed software systems. An increasing number of FFLs-and ATF officials-have longed for a cloud-based bound book. “For such a highly regulated industry, it was a huge plus for us to know that we now have a cloud-based tool for the firearms industry in regards to the compliance side. No matter what happens, whether we have a catastrophic event or a minor outage, with FFL Compliance Manager we will be able to collect all the ATF-required FFL information needed quickly and efficiently,” said Rubel.

Accurate, up-to-date records

ATF audits and trace requests are on the increase, and-if an FFL is unable to respond promptly with accurate, up-to-date records in ATF-mandated formats-the FFL's business can be shut down. “There's not a stone left unturned with Epicor. The full integration with Eagle N Series and FFL Compliance Manager has been essential. We don't have to worry about separate programs or trying to connect our point of sale (POS) system with checking out firearms-it's all connected,” said Rubel. “A simple benefit is that FFL Compliance Manager asks you to verify the serial number twice and does an FFL “eZ Check” before you're allowed to acquisition a firearm into the system. It's been crucial to make sure there are no mistakes on the electronic 4473s form. We can also add a SKU to each firearm so that every product is tied to our inventory management. As a whole, entering in and managing firearms with FFL Compliance Manage allows us to complete transactions more efficiently and makes our business data more accurate.”

Company Facts

  • Location: Johnstown, Colorado
  • Industry: Sporting Goods
  • Specialty: Firearms
  • Number of Locations: 1
  • Website:


  • Opened new firearms shooting and retail facility with modern and ATF-compliant technology



  • Streamlined operations
  • Automatic and accurate inventory management
  • Cloud-based bound book allows for data collection regardless of active connectivity
  • Reduced non-compliance risk

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