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Kroll International, LLC

Kroll International is a leading wholesale supplier of law enforcement, military tactical, public safety, homeland security, first-responder firearms, and shooting sports equipment. For more than three decades, the company has specialized in the stock of more than 100,000 products from 170 manufacturers for convenient shipping to dealers worldwide.

As a growing company and leading wholesale-only distributor, Kroll sought to greatly increase its receiving, inventory control, and shipping capabilities by improving efficiencies in its warehouse operations. The first phase of this goal was accomplished in 2013 when the Epicor Prophet 21 enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution went live and was later augmented in September 2015 with Epicor Wireless Warehouse Management System (WWMS).

"From better inventory tracking to going paperless, fulfilling orders more accurately, and generating performance metrics, the overall efficiency of our warehouse operations has skyrocketed with Prophet 21.”

Trevor McDermott
IT Manager | Kroll International

In addition to recording step-by-step inventory movements and significantly reducing shipping costs, Kroll also reaped a host of additional benefits that include lowering paper consumption by 3,500 pounds per year and improving inventory tracking and order fulfillment accuracy to decrease returns by 10 percent. WWMS also offered Kroll the ability to condense inventory, allowing the company to stock more products and higher inventories of in-demand items.

As a result of these high performance marks and several others, Kroll International was honored with an Epicor Customer Excellence Award for its successful implementation of Prophet 21 and WWMS.

Improved Real-Time Data Transparency

“It was an honor to be considered for this recognition,” said Kyle Rehner, ERP system administrator for Kroll International, “We worked the same way for 30 years. The ability to quickly deploy and easily access information has improved transparency throughout the company. Having quantifiable metrics and this level of analytics has allowed us to transform many of our day-to-day operating processes.”

“For example, we are now able to statistically measure each employee's performance compared to others doing the same job. This has enabled us to figure out not only how much time it takes to complete an order but also how much it costs to get an order in and out of the building. After this feature was implemented, we literally saw a next-day increase in warehouse efficiency levels.”

Increased Efficiency with Wireless Capabilities

According to Trevor McDermott, IT manager, Kroll International, using WWMS has enabled more efficient use of the company's warehouse space, which has made picking and packing processes both more profitable and efficient. 

“Previously, when we were working with paper tickets, we had no idea where an item was in the warehouse once that ticket was printed. Now, we have the visibility to know exactly where any order stands during any stage of the process and even locate or cancel a customer order at a moment's notice,” said McDermott.

He continued, “Going wireless allowed us to streamline, maximize, and improve our warehouse processes. From better inventory tracking to going paperless, fulfilling orders more accurately, and generating performance metrics, the overall efficiency of our warehouse operations has skyrocketed with Prophet 21.”

Enhanced Customer Service with Customizable Software

“As a programmer, I truly enjoy the ability to add and customize software functions myself without having to go through Epicor,” McDermott explained. “Being able to automate processes and implement quick changes is huge for us, and it has greatly enhanced our customer service. We are now efficient enough that orders received by noon will ship the same day, whereas prior, it could take days from the time the order was placed.”

“We absolutely love working with Epicor,” added Rehner. “The people at Epicor have been some of the nicest, kindest people we've ever met in the industry. Plus, Epicor … is absolutely in line with the aggressive goals we are looking to accomplish in the coming years.”

Company Facts

  • Location: Shelby Township, MI
  • Industry: Wholesale Law Enforcement Supplies
  • Number of Employees: 80
  • Web site:


  • Greatly increase receiving, inventory control, and shipping capabilities through improved warehouse operational efficiencies



  • Provided paperless capabilities that lowered paper consumption by 3,500 lbs. per year
  • Improved inventory tracking and order fulfillment accuracy, decreasing returns by 10%
  • Developed and tracked performance metrics to increase staff productivity by 21.7%
  • Maximized warehouse space to stock more products and higher inventories
  • Enhanced the transparency of company-wide operations with easy access to information

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