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Jay's ACE Hardware Achieves Greater Efficiencies with the New Epicor Eagle N Series

Established in 1992, Jay's ACE Hardware is a 12,000 square foot retail store that knows what success looks like and relies on Epicor software to make that possible. Converting its original system to Epicor Eagle in the spring of 2005 and gaining efficiencies from the conversion, Jay's regularly upgrades their system to better serve its customers. Preston Bullock, chief executive officer of Jay's ACE Hardware and son of the founder, Jay Bullock, recently began using Epicor Eagle N Series and is convinced that the new features enable even greater efficiencies.

"The functionality of Epicor Eagle continues to amaze us. Eagle N Series is further proof that we can look forward to more innovation from Epicor for years to come."

Preston Bullock
Chief Executive Officer | Jay's ACE Hardware

Eagle N Series is the next-generation software that enables Epicor customers to grow and improve their businesses. With enhanced navigation and a more intuitive interface, it's designed for the way retail works today. "The look and feel of the POS screen is decidedly different and better," said Bullock. 

"It's more modern and similar to what people use everyday, making it easier to see and navigate without making errors. Given the initial positive reaction of our users, I'd go out on a limb and say that no one would want to go back to the old interface after using Eagle N Series."

For most successful business owners, the challenge is to constantly streamline their operations and reduce costs by implementing more efficient processes. At the top of Jay's Hardware list of frustrating and time-wasting activities that rob profits and compromise service, is the ever-present task of price changes and printing new labels. Eagle N Series transforms complex tasks into simple ones by streamlining workflows and reducing the number of required steps.

"I was impressed with the new label printing functionality," said Bullock. "On average we're making price changes and new labels at least once a week. In the past, we'd have to open multiple screens and take multiple steps to complete the process. Now it's seamless. All we do is login to the inventory price change screen, review the price change, and use the print label option from within that application. There is also the option to select either batch or items to be printed. Reducing this activity from multiple steps to a few steps, for this situation alone means, we're saving at least ten minutes on that single task."

"Over the many years that we've been using Eagle, we have sent a lot of other hardware stores owners to Epicor," said Bullock. "When they see our Eagle reports they can't believe the insights and detail. Frankly, when we see their system reports run from other solutions, it's obvious they cannot run the reports we've grown to rely on with Epicor. The functionality of Epicor Eagle continues to amaze us. Eagle N Series is further proof that we can look forward to more innovation from Epicor for years to come."

About Epicor

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Company Facts

  • Location: Wrens, Georgia
  • Industry: Hardware and Home Center
  • Number of Employees: 9
  • Web site: www.jayshardware.com


  • Constantly improving operations to better serve customers and save time
  • Time-consuming weekly price changes


  • Epicor Eagle N Series


  • Improved user experience at point of sale (POS)
  • Time saved with simplified price changes and label printing
  • System that supports future growth plans

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