Industrias Nigua (Indusnig)

Indusnig is a processor and distributor of paper products and related services, aspiring to lead the Caribbean market though value-added relationships with customers and suppliers, and the ongoing implementation of top-tier systems with a highly competent and motivated staff. Also, with full support of its shareholders, the company works hard to be an example of excellence and respect for the people of Dominican Republic.

By 1970 Indusnig began a new expansion process growing the company in all areas, acquired new land and built more stores investing in various organizations. In the mid-nineties, they decided to focus all efforts on the production of paper. Today, Indusnig is a modern company with new equipment and machinery, as well as an ISO 9000-2000 quality certification boosting its competitiveness in the regional market.

"Our company has a serious commitment with efficiency. The implementation of Epicor ERP allowed us to improve it in processes already redesigned for this purpose."

Yandra Portela
Executive Vice President | Indusnig
The Search for an ERP

For many years, Indusnig operated in the Caribbean market with software developed by them and a system with limited capabilities. As the company grew, the need for automation, efficiency, and integration of business processes also increased. Their software vendor decided not to invest in the development applications the company required for this purpose.

After a structural change of the company to become a process-driven and results-oriented business, Indusnig decided it was very important to have an enterprise resource planning solution, ERP. "We needed a system aligned with the strategy and the ERP we had did not meet those requirements," said Yandra Portela, Executive Vice President, Indusnig.

A key issue of the process was to identify the great need for a modern ERP solution that will fully align to the business strategy. The main characteristics of the new system were to be the integration of all functionalities, the friendly interaction with office suites, an integrated security management, and the automation of the relationship with customers and suppliers.

Indusnig hired a consulting firm in IT matters to help them identify the ideal ERP. During the process, they made an analysis of the situation of the technology infrastructure of the company, studied the business plan for the next five years, and assessed the current platform in terms of its potential to meet new requirements. It was impossible! They evaluated five different solutions and after a thorough revision, the company reduced its options down to three.

"This company aims to be bigger and capture more market share. Driving this growth is only possible with a highly integrated ERP that takes care of all that technology can do and allow the employees to be more productive," declared Portela.

Epicor ERP outperformed its competitors as it proved to be well built to serve manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality, and services companies. In addition, its 100% Web and cross-platform deployment, among other features, placed it as a leader among the solutions considered.

A Successful Implementation

Indusnig selected Epicor ERP 9.05 because it meets all defined requirements and for its advanced design that positions it as the most visionary and inspirational enterprise resource planning solution in the market. In response to Epicor not having a local representation office, this Dominican company requested to become both a user and reseller of the solution. Thus, Indusnig is both an Epicor customer and Reseller Partner.

With just a month between the acquisition of the solution and the start of its implementation, adoption process of Epicor ERP in Indusnig was conducted following the Signature method owned by Epicor. "From the beginning we decided to execute the implementation in two phases: first for the core ERP, and second for the more specialized solutions such as EPM, Canvas Planning, and ForecastPro," said Santiago Rodríguez, Head of IT, Indusnig.

Project planning was done in a month. During this stage, critical issues were identified-hardware acquisition and installation, staff training, data migration, and a pilot process, assigning dates to each phase so that activities flowed.

Convinced that adopting the Epicor model was key to the project success, the goal Indusnig aimed for was to implement the solution as it is, so it was not necessary to invest more resources and time for adjustments and additional developments. "Just a solution designed today for companies today allows us this luxury," said Rodríguez. "In addition, the software usability and friendliness made it easy for users to learn quickly. All these factors, together with the excellent support of Epicor in the project management, helped us go live six months after the project started, just as we have planned."

Epicor-Indusnig, Building a Strong Relationship

After the implementation of Epicor ERP, Indusnig is a strong believer of how top-tier the solution is. They recognize that Epicor develops apace, versions, and updates ensuring the supply of tools and cutting-edge functionality. In addition, they identify the Epicor Support team as a valuable ally in the whole operation. "All needs we identified, and more, are covered by Epicor ERP. We are not alone," said Rodríguez.

Building a close working relationship, Epicor is the technology partner Indusnig wanted and now, with the system in place and running in the business, the company is looking to replicate their experience on other leading companies in the country. "This partnership strengthens our global message and brings the company closer to the Dominican market where Indusnig has undoubted prestige and recognition as a successful and visionary company," said Ivan Rebolledo, Regional Director, Epicor South America and the Caribbean.

About Epicor

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Company Facts

  • Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 
  • Industry: Manufacturing 
  • Number of Employees: 260 
  • Web site:


  • Achieve greater efficiency and productivity 
  • Adopt a software aligned with the new business strategy 
  • Push company growth to reach an increased market share  


  • Epicor ERP

Why Epicor?

  • Epicor ERP adapted to the processes and needs of Indusnig 
  • The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 
  • For its short and successful implementation time 


  • Improvement in process efficiency 
  • Softnig establishment-business unit to provide Epicor ERP to the Caribbean market 

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