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Industrial Specialties Manufacturing

Industrial Specialties Mfg. (ISM) is an ISO 9001 company that supplies miniature pneumatic, vacuum, and fluid circuitry components to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and distributors all over the world. ISM was founded in 1982 as a supporting operation to a local fluid powerhouse in Denver, Colorado. Over the past 30 years, ISM has grown from humble roots to become a worldwide manufacturer and direct distributor of specialized plastic and metal fittings designed for numerous pneumatic, vacuum, fluid, and medical component applications.

ISM has been using Epicor Prophet 21 as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for ten years. “I would consider us to be very advanced users of Prophet 21,” said James Davis, president of Industrial Specialties Mfg. “We use almost every element of functionality within the Prophet 21 platform, and we deployed and became a beta user for Epicor Commerce Connect a little over two years ago.”

A tightly integrated eCommerce platform

The redesign of ISM’s website was one of the primary drivers for implementing an eCommerce platform. ISM’s previous website didn’t allow customers to request quotes, purchase products, access pricing, or view inventory levels. Implementing Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) allowed ISM to create a website that is more transparent and provides more information to customers so that they can make better decisions.

"Epicor Commerce Connect really came across our table at a very opportune moment,” explained Davis. “We were looking at going to an eCommerce platform, and I felt Magento provided the best platform for eCommerce functionality. So, when we found that Epicor had the ECC platform [built with Magento], we were thrilled. The software works great, and it’s tightly integrated with our Prophet 21 system—which is critical.”

Davis continued, “The very simple element of eCommerce is ordering a product. You need to have a quantity available, a price, and be able to handle credit cards. ECC does a very good job of those fundamentals. The other side of eCommerce is the customer service, and with ECC, our customers are able to log in, check their account balances, download their invoices, reorder an old order, check on their order status, click on the shipping information, and see when the product will get there.”

Since launching the redesigned website in October 2016, ISM’s website traffic went up nearly 60 percent year over year. Organic traffic through Google and Bing is up nearly 130 percent year over year. “Having a very well-organized catalog, eCommerce backend has certainly contributed quite a bit to that growth,” added Travis Scott, director of marketing at Industrial Specialties Mfg.

"We’ve been very fortunate to experience consistent double-digit growth. We believe that the Prophet 21 ECC software is an integral part of that growth because it’s our digital face to the world."
James Davis

Experiencing double-digit growth

ISM’s growth strategy focuses mainly on its current customer base and simplifying the buying process for them. “There’s a huge opportunity to grow our current customer base,” continued Scott. “ECC will allow us to very easily cross-sell various complimentary products or services that we offer through customer information— things that they’ve ordered in the past. It’s expensive to get new customers, and so it’s much easier to grow what you have—more profitable as well. Utilizing ECC will be a huge advantage.”

“We’ve been very fortunate to experience consistent double-digit growth,” added Davis. “We believe that the Prophet 21 ECC software is an integral part of that growth because it’s our digital face to the world.”

“Industrial Specialties has been an Epicor customer for a long time. We’re very pleased with our Prophet 21 system, because it really is the engine that makes our company work from an ERP standpoint, but now, having ECC on top of Prophet 21 really allows us to provide a digital eCommerce space to the world outside of these four walls. We rely on Epicor to continue to develop the software that we need to be a successful distributor,” concluded Davis.

Company Facts


  • Redesign website to improve the ordering process and customer experience 



  • Increased website traffic by 60% year over year and organic traffic through Google and Bing® by 130% year over year
  • Gained the ability to easily cross-sell various complimentary products or services through customer information
  • Experienced double-digit revenue growth

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