Humtown Products is a family-owned business dedicated to serving the foundry industry since opening its doors in 1959. First established as a pattern shop, Humtown later began serving the core making needs of foundries throughout the Midwest. Humtown Products contributes to the manufacturing of parts and equipment used in a diverse array of industries, including: Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, National Defense, Public Utilities, and Transportation.

We can often quote a customer, have the quote approved, and begin making parts within 15 to 30 minutes.

Brenda Mohr
solution provider | Humtown Products

While its pattern shop can still handle the tooling process of the past-handcrafted, wood tooling-Humtown recognized the technological advancements being made in the industry by adopting additive manufacturing processes to serve the needs of its customers.

An existing Epicor ERP customer for many years, in early 2014, Humtown decided to upgrade to the new Epicor ERP version 10 platform. Key to Humtown's decision to upgrade was the platform's improved responsiveness.

"Speed spiked our attention the most," said Brenda Mohr, solution provider, Humtown Products. "Everything we do here we do in real time. Epicor ERP version 10 promised to be faster and we found that very appealing. We are also extremely customized-everything from our product orders to our reports-and one of the key reasons we selected Epicor was its ability to integrate well with our own software we develop onsite."

Mohr notes the speed and robustness of Epicor ERP version 10 helped turn a complicated report into an automated, near real-time project report that is fully automated. "With the added depth of the Business Activity Queries (BAQ) in Epicor ERP version 10, we're able to format this report with dozens of queries so that the right information is sourced quickly and in a fully automated fashion. With just a small amount of backend programming added to it, the report enables employees to see the status of any specific project, updated every five minutes."

The faster response time and automation capabilities of Epicor ERP version 10 have also played a key role in the product ordering process. "We can often quote a customer, have the quote approved, and begin making parts within 15 to 30 minutes," said Mohr. "Before Epicor, we had to look everything up, write it out, and then create a job order."

Now, Mohr says, use of Epicor Service Connect-the central business integration platform for secure workflow connections within Epicor service software applications and between Epicor and non-Epicor applications-has enabled Humtown to quickly pull a wide range of information in and out of the ERP platform.

Once the order is completed, the packaging slips are automatically created in the ERP system, which helps streamline the shipping process. Any changes to the order are instantly recorded in the notes section of Epicor ERP version 10, so users can see the updated information.

In addition to quick response times, the new touch-enabled, intuitive user interface of Epicor ERP version 10 was designed from the ground up to work with touch screen devices-empowering Humtown users to work the way they want. Humtown utilizes the product configurator of Epicor ERP version 10, which integrates a complex set of calculations Humtown has devised to support accurate and competitive pricing. This gives the company the ability to offer the best pricing for its customers-in line with its goal of providing the most cost-effective tooling with the shortest lead time.

Epicor ERP version 10 offers powerful dashboards, and data query capabilities, which combine to give Humtown flexible and more dynamic reports to support better, faster decision making, said Mohr.

"The query builder in Epicor ERP version 10 makes it easy to gather information and combine it into a single report. Before Epicor ERP version 10, we had a few dashboards that we used, but you had to constantly look back and forth between the files. Now, we have what I would characterize as a three-dimensional-like look into the data with everything right in front of you," she said.

Overall, Epicor ERP version 10 is integrated into all aspects of Humtown Products-from invoicing, product ordering, quoting, and the shop floor. With Epicor ERP version 10, the company now has faster access and improved visibility of all its data, and drill down capabilities to gain better insight.

"Epicor ERP version 10 has been a very integral part of our company," said Mohr. "Epicor has been very good in supporting us, which has resulted in a great experience and exceptional collaboration."

Company Facts

  • Columbiana, OH
  • Industry: Metal casting/foundry
  • Number of Locations: 1
  • Web site:

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Needed a next-generation ERP solution to support greater responsiveness
  • Needed an easy-to-use user interface to generate custom reports
  • Needed a platform that could integrate with third-party software



  • Improved operational efficiency across all aspects of quoting, order entry, shop floor operations and invoicing
  • Real-time automated reporting to support improved collaboration, visibility and decision making

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