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Operating since 1861, GF AgieCharmilles is a leading supplier of machines, automation solutions and services to the tool and mold making industry as well as to manufacturers of precision parts and components. Customers range from small sub-contractors to international contractors as well as manufacturers.

Its products range from electric discharge machines (EDM), high-speed (HSM) and high-performance milling (HPM) centers through tooling, services, spare parts, wear parts and consumables to automation solutions. With sales organization and factories in different continents all over the globe, GF AgieCharmilles needed an ERP system to manage operations of different sizes across regional locations in Asia, manage reporting issues over different currencies and languages as well as adhere to compliance issues with different tax systems.

The ease of use and limited complexity of the system makes Epicor technology suitable for us here in Asia.

Nicolas Robatel
CIO | Asia Agie Charmilles Japan Ltd

Efficient integration of existing operations across the region is vital for GF AgieCharmilles to remain competitive in the industry and to be flexible to cater to customers' needs, while creating new entities across the region. Working across regions meant a diversified level of expertise by the different users as well as different available resources due to the varied size of organizations. This resulted in a challenge to train users who not only know their own modules but the interactions with the other modules as well as the business processes.

In addition, the company wanted to be able to remain more competitive and provide excellent quality of tailored services for its customers, in terms of training, maintenance and procedure documentation. A solution for the scaling up requiring minimum effort was sought after. Without a common automatic reporting, consolidating of information was not easy with individual accounting package implemented. Utilizing Microsoft's leading platforms and technologies in Epicor iScala 2.2, GF AgieCharmilles was able to yield real business benefits and clear customer advantages.

The Solution

Addressing these needs, GF AgieCharmilles invested in Epicor iScala 2.2, which includes financial, logistics, services, sales, and customer relationship management solutions. All modules including Crystal Report, iScala Query Designer (iSQD), Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) have been implemented in each site in Asia Pacific.

This initiative was implemented by GF AgieCharmilles over a time-frame of 2002 to 2006. The project covers 10 sites across Asia, including South East Asia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India and Thailand with a total purchase of 71 user licenses. Modification of the project template benefited other sales companies, where the templates in the first implementation in Singapore were further improved.

With the help of Microsoft's leading platforms and technologies such as the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint, Epicor has developed, improved and proven the Signature Implementation Methodology over thousands of projects.

A comprehensive end-to-end suite of proven tightly integrated and industry-specific solutions for the global market enterprise, Epicor iScala 2.2 is able to provide adaptable and agile solutions for real-time enterprises and also helping address important business challenges.

Using the Epicor iScala 2.2 allows GF AgieCharmilles to efficiently operate smaller and bigger companies as well as integrate new companies in less than 8 weeks. While this brought about increased response time in delivering services, there is also a good increase in sales and improvement in corporate accounting.


GF AgieCharmilles reaped significant benefits by deploying Epicor iScala 2.2. Streamlined business operations in regional locations. With the Epicor iScala 2.2, GF AgieCharmilles can now do automatic and real time reporting of single entities or consolidations which had not been possible in the past. With such efficiency, it gives the company the ability to manage full stock masters and offices within Asia at any single location. Better collaboration amongst the offices in the region is fostered by having a common template and tool, establishing a "common language". Internal training is made possible with some of the super users supporting users from other sales companies.

Improved corporate accounting requirements

Monthly closing of accounts was reduced to one working day compared to 5 working days previously. The availability of a consolidated data set enables GF AgieCharmilles to extract detailed profit and loss, per country, per product line, or per business whenever required while seeing improvements in adhering to local statutory requirements. This has helped the company streamlined its business processes.

Improved sales planning and customer services

Maintaining inventory at a minimum level is now a breeze. GF AgieCharmilles can calculate the minimum and maximum levels in stock management conveniently with the availability of a library of statistical data of the business, customers or products for a historical view.

Business data such as the sales margins are now available weekly instead of monthly. The easy access and availability of such data allows for faster sales planning process, which in turn contributed to an increase in sales by about 10%.

There was also an increase of about 15% of orders from existing customers with the switch from making records on paper and filed in binders, to a proper trail of serialized service records for the equipments to better track and visualize customers' needs. Measuring business processes and line managers are done with no trouble with measurable key performance indicators set. The visibility of all inter-company sales and inventories is also made possible after the implementation of the internal electronic purchasing.

Epicor ERP Advantage

"In summary, Epicor ERP allowed us to integrate existing operations, small and large, as well as to create new entities across the region. The Epicor ERP has made GF AgieCharmilles more competitive in the areas of high quality services. GF AgieCharmilles is now able to tailor services to the customers' needs in the area of maintenance as well as analyze customer value trends to better forecast and deliver services in a more timely fashion," Mr. Robatel.

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Company Facts

  • Location: Global - Switzerland | Asia Pacific - Singapore and Shanghai
  • Industry: Sales and Distribution of Swiss Precision Machine Tools to Tool and Mould Making Industry and Manufacturer of Precision Parts
  • Number of Employees: Global - 3,319 | Asia Pacific - 490


  • GF AgieCharmilles needed to manage operations of different sizes and entities across locations in Asia and deal with reporting issues due to multi-currency and different languages. In addition, the manufacturer needed to adhere to compliance issues with different tax systems.


  • Epicor iScala 2.2


  • Streamlined business operations in regional locations
  • Improved company's corporate accounting requirements, reducing time taken from 5 days to 1 day
  • Improved sales planning and customer services, leading to an increase of 15% in orders.

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