Farwest Sports Inc.

Farwest Sports, Inc. is a sporting goods corporation that offers the largest selection of outdoor related products in Washington State. Its warehouse style sporting goods retail stores, Sportco and Outdoor Emporium, as well as their wholesaler Sports Service, feature over 60,000 different items in hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, athletics, security vaults, and more.

Since 1965, Farwest Sports has provided its customers with quality, affordable products that are available as soon as they step foot in the door. As a firearms, ammunition, and tactical supplier, Farwest Sports is also a leader in the firearms industry, with annual firearms sales and transfers approaching 11,000 firearms. With 180 employees and annual revenues of $48 million, Farwest Sports has been using the Epicor Eagle business management system for more than 10 years to support its retail business.

"Epicor Eagle really fits how a retail organization actually runs, from top to bottom. Epicor is in tune with what's going on in sporting goods retailing. They give us all of the tools and support we need across the board to run our business."

Don Grier
IT Manager | Farwest Sports Inc.

According to Farwest Sports IT Manager Don Grier, prior to 2001, the company had been using another solution from Epicor Software Corporation. When looking to upgrade, moving to the Epicor Eagle solution was an obvious option. “It was the easiest choice, because it was a straightforward transition and Epicor Eagle was a good match for our business,” says Grier. “Eagle really fits how a retail organization actually runs, from top to bottom.” 

From inventory to checkout, and everywhere in between 

Grier notes that Eagle software excels at getting information out to those who need it, from the company's highest level of decision makers to its checkout, pricing, accounting, and inventory personnel. For example, the system helps Farwest Sports' buyers make inventory decisions. “Our staff receive data via custom reports e-mailed to them daily or weekly regarding the departments they are purchasing for,” he explains. “Looking at the individual SKUs, they can tell what the 'hot' items for that week are, what's running low, and so on. Then they can print, e-mail, or fax the orders right from their desks. Eagle makes their jobs easier.” The system also allows them to monitor inventory for updates to Amazon, Costco, and other retailers they supply.

System add-on modules propel firearms tracking and sales

The inventory, checkout, and add-on functionalities of Epicor Eagle solution are all very important to Farwest Sports. The company has used the solution's add-on modules to integrate scanner guns, a gift card system, and Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite solution (a company Web site that interacts with Eagle and ties in with inventory, so that Farwest Sports' wholesale customers can manage their own accounts online).

“Whatever we need it to do, Eagle seems to have that capability,” Grier observes. “For example, when selling guns, we are able to put the serial numbers in and track them through Eagle. Or on the customer service side, the system assists the cashiers with credit card swiping functionality at checkout.”

Expansion and educational support

When Farwest Sports acquired its downtown Seattle branch through a merger, that store had a different system in place, but ultimately switched to Eagle, based on the breadth and types of information that the solution provides all across the company.

“Eagle is a feature-rich program, and Epicor really helps to make sure we learn it,” says Grier. “Through Epicor technical support, we are able to get answers quickly, and their field technicians and trainers come in periodically to give the system a 'tune-up' and educate our users. We also get a lot of value from the annual users' conference.”

Grier concludes, “Epicor is in tune with what's going on in sporting goods retailing. They give us the tools and support we need across the board to run our business.”

About Epicor

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Company Facts

  • Headquarters: Fife, Washington
  • Industry: Sporting Goods
  • Number of Employees: 180
  • Number of Stores: 2
  • Web site: www.sportco.com


  • Provide a large Northwest sporting goods retailer with critical information at every level to support double-digit growth


  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite


  • Help buyers make inventory decisions via custom reports e-mailed to them daily or weekly
  • Track individual SKUs and serial numbers
  • Print, e-mail, or fax orders right from the desktop
  • Provide credit card swiping functionality at checkout

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