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Diamond Paper Company

When Charles Kurzweg graduated from college in the 1970s, he had two choices. One: Become a lawyer. Two: Join his father’s business—Diamond Paper Company.

He chose the latter. “It just seemed like it would be more fun—a good, old-fashioned way to make a living,” he laughs. Decades later, Kurzweg has no regrets. Diamond Paper Company, a paper supply, and janitorial equipment distributor, continues to flourish after almost 100 years in business.

"Epicor understands what we do and has really helped me drive my business in the right direction."
Charles Kurzweg
President, Diamond Paper Company

While Kurzweg credits his success to a time-tested business model and loyal customers and employees, he also knows that his Epicor Prophet 21 solution plays a big role in his success. “We’ve used technology to streamline just about every area of our business and attract new sales,” he says. “It’s made a huge difference in how we operate.”

Believing in Technology

Diamond Paper, a master distributor, buys from manufacturers and sells only to other suppliers. Kurzweg contends that pricing and competitive pressures might have squeezed him out of the marketplace if he didn’t have the right technology provider.

Epicor helped Kurzweg stay profitable by providing the technology he needs to keep competitive. Instant access to information—along with extensive reporting and analysis capabilities—have helped him gain new customers because of evolving supply chain trends.

For example, to cut transaction costs and consolidate customers, many manufacturers turn smaller accounts over to distributors like Diamond Paper. “It’s easier to sell me a truckload of paper towels than it is to sell four other distributors minimum orders,” Kurzweg relates.

Before taking over the accounts, Kurzweg had to prove that he had the tools to provide manufacturers with comprehensive customer reports. “Even though I’m selling the products, the manufacturers still need this point of sale information for their marketing departments,” he says. “They want customer profiles, data on buying trends, almost anything you can think of.”

Because Kurzweg could use report-writing tools to pull highly detailed, customized data from his Prophet 21 technology solution, he won the right to do business with many of his manufacturers’ smaller accounts. “It’s increased sales in some of my largest lines by about 20 percent,” he says. “It’s made a huge difference in our cash flow.”

The Power of the Web

Kurzweg understands that many of his customers simply don’t have time to call for price and availability information during regular business hours. “We deal with a lot of small, family-owned businesses where everyone puts in 10-hour workdays,” he says.

To give customers ‘round-the-clock inventory information, Kurzweg invested in a Web-based storefront. The site offers customers access to the company’s complete catalog. And, since it is fully integrated with Diamond Paper’s Epicor Prophet 21 solution, customers can access specific pricing information— saving time and eliminating time-consuming calls to Kurzweg’s customer service staff. Roughly half of his customers—about 200 distributors—use the B2B Seller site to check stock, price, and availability.

Kurzweg also notes that customers who call rarely ask his service representatives what other products the company offers. “They phone in, place their usual orders, and it’s done,” he says. “There’s hardly any chance to offer them anything else.”

Diamond Paper’s Epicor-hosted Website sparked an up-tick in sales simply because customers learn more about the company’s offerings. “We’ve increased sales to existing customers by 5 percent just because they’re taking time to browse a little bit. A few customers who traditionally buy food service supplies learned that we also offer cleaning equipment, and they’re purchasing that now, too.”

Kurzweg says that he knows that he made the right decision to partner with Epicor. “Some of my competitors have paid millions of dollars for the same things,” Kurzweg says. “Epicor understands what we do and has really helped me drive my business in the right direction.”

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Company Facts

  • Location: Destrehan, Louisiana
  • Industry: Paper and janitorial supplies
  • Web site:


  • Help a Destrehan, Louisiana-based paper supply and janitorial equipment distributor develop excellent relationships with customers and manufacturers



  • Increase sales of key product lines by 20 percent
  • Improved customer service
  • Streamlined processes 

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