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Wilson Lumber Company

Since 1949, Wilson Lumber Company has exceeded the expectations of Huntsville, Alabama-area homeowners, builders, and remodelers. The business offers top-quality lumber and building products, excellent service, and competitive prices. In addition to selling building materials, cabinets, and closets, Wilson Lumber also manufactures windows, doors, and trusses.

Wilson Lumber built its reputation on one simple foundation-putting customers first. In order to keep that foundational tenet at the forefront, the business runs its operations on the Epicor BisTrack business management system.

“Epicor BisTrack software makes process workflows more efficient and helps us budget, forecast, and set operational goals so that we can remain a successful and growth-oriented business.” 

Robb Wilson
President | Wilson Lumber Company

More efficient workflows to grow business

Wilson Lumber utilizes key functionality within BisTrack software-like point of sale (POS), quote and order management, inventory control, and purchasing-to process both simple and complex transactions. “Epicor BisTrack software makes process workflows more efficient and helps us budget, forecast, and set operational goals so that we can remain a successful and growth-oriented business,” said Robb Wilson, president, Wilson Lumber Company. “It gives us the information needed to make more informed business decisions and improve customer service.”

More competitive with customer comparisons

Understanding which customers are profitable-and why-can result in significant net profit growth for any business and increase its competitiveness. “We are a more competitive business because of BisTrack software,” said Wilson. “We specifically use the BisTrack Customer Stratification tool to gain competitive advantage in terms of discovering who our most-and least-profitable customers are. Customer Stratification lets us determine which factors and metrics should impact our customer rating. Currently, we measure sales dollars per delivery, gross margin, average rate to pay, customer loyalty, and more. It helps us compare our customers with each other and equate exactly how much money we're making. This gives us the knowledge we need to understand the gap between our customers' transactional gross margin and our company's profitability.”

Customer Stratification also gets dedicated Wilson Lumber customers to become even more loyal. “Recently, I was explaining Customer Stratification to one of our customers,” said Wilson. “He told me directly, 'Well, we want to be your best and most profitable account. What are our measurements so we can improve?' We have found that this tool can improve customer partnerships, in addition to making us more profitable.”

Deliveries rapidly recorded

The BisTrack Delivery solution is a mobile application that helps drivers easily record deliveries and pickups. Drivers can quickly capture delivery time and location, pictures of goods delivered or picked up, and customer signatures. “Our drivers use tablets armed with the BisTrack Delivery app to record and document deliveries and pickups,” said Wilson. “They can easily take photos of every delivery drop site. Before, the drivers would need to carry digital cameras with them all day and then return the memory card at the end of the day. The dispatcher would then have to go through and organize all the photos. Now, everything is automatically updated, which prevents many costly customer disputes and makes others easy to resolve. Our office staff and customers appreciate that deliveries and pickups are timelier, more accurate, and complete.”



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