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T.J. Snow Company, Inc.

T.J. Snow Enhances Core Competencies with Prophet 21

T.J. Snow Company, Inc., a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based general distributor and light manufacturer, reached a point a few years ago where, according to company President David Hetzler, "Our software was working against us."

Hetzler and Executive Vice President Sam Snow realized a new business system was needed, and that this system had to be able to grow with the company, which has been in business since 1963 and averages $20 million in annual revenue.

"If we had not switched to Prophet 21, I don't know that we would have weathered the economic downturn. Efficiencies we created with Epicor and their products made it possible for us to survive."

David Hetzler
President | T.J. Snow Company

T.J. Snow followed industry peers' recommendations to look at the Epicor Prophet 21 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The company did extensive research on the software and determined that it had the wide range of capabilities needed for both their manufacturing and distribution sides, as well as the financial aspects.

"In our business, we deal with both manufacturing and distribution. Most software programs focus on one of these two, but only Epicor Prophet 21 could handle both," continues Hetzler. "We required a software package that would not compromise either of our core competencies."

According to Sam Snow, their previous software was "fairly good at manufacturing and fairly bad with distribution. We needed software with real-time inventory, instead of being 1-2 days behind, as we always were with our last system. When we told a customer before that something was on the shelf, we didn't really know for certain. We had customer service reps wanting to visit the distribution center just so they could go check on items in person," says Snow.

Pricing efficiency maintains profit margins, increases sales

Sam Snow assisted with the search and implementation of the Prophet 21 software. "We worked with Epicor to develop a longterm IT strategy, not just about the systems we were running at the time," he says. "The implementation of the software went smoothly, and we noticed improvements over our previous system right away."

With T.J. Snow's previous software program, it was difficult to tailor the company's offerings to individual customers. All of the information available was "one size fits all," based on generic pricing structures. With Prophet 21, T.J. Snow is able to offer more cost-effective discounts. "For example, we now offer our clients a better discount on items they buy often, and a normal discount on items they purchase less frequently. This makes clients happy, and allows us to maximize our discount program while maintaining profit margins," explains Hetzler.

The company has also noticed an increase in their weekly sales rate. "If we had not switched to Prophet 21, I don't know that we would have weathered the economic downturn. Efficiencies we created with Epicor and their products made it possible for us to survive," says Hetzler. "Sales have been about 30 percent greater since we started implementing the new ERP system."

In addition, the company is now able to process invoices more quickly and efficiently, leading to faster accounts receivable and better cash flow. Overall, T.J. Snow reports improved efficiencies in shipping, accounting, and customer service with Epicor Prophet 21.

Integrated Document Management System reduces paperwork

Several years after going live with Prophet 21, T.J. Snow chose to implement the doc-link add-on document management solution offered through Epicor. "The tight integration of the document management system into Prophet 21 was appealing to us," explained Sam.

"In addition, it was licensed the same as Prophet 21 (with concurrent users) and is able to be used for more than just documents directly related to the business system."

The results have been dramatic: no more physical filing or trips to the file cabinets to retrieve information. "When you have questions, you just right-click in Prophet 21 and the documents are on your screen. We have eliminated 26 physical file cabinets, and we get the added bonus of being much better prepared for audits and disasters," says Sam Snow. T.J. Snow has also implemented doc-link workflow and document approval capabilities.

Long-term vision and partnership

The operating effectiveness of their software plays a big part in the continued growth of T.J. Snow Company, Inc. "You can tell that Epicor is a company that is in it for the long haul, and that makes us feel good," says Sam Snow. "Epicor is also helping us plan beyond just selling the products we are offering now. The people there listen to ideas; they really do care about the customer and the products, and it shows," he concludes.

T.J. Snow Company: Customer Success Story

Company Facts

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Industry: General

Number of Employees: 85

Web site:


Help a Tennessee-based distributor and light manufacturer achieve real-time inventory and increased efficiencies while serving both sides of the business


Epicor Prophet 21 with doc-link Integrated Document Management System


30% greater sales

Offer more cost-effective discounts to customers while maintaining profit margins

Process invoices more quickly and efficiently

Eliminated 26 physical file cabinets with document management solution

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