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Schaedler Yesco

Schaedler Yesco is a family- and employee-owned, full-line electrical distributor based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The company began in 1924 when Harry, Andrew, and William Schaedler created Schaedler Brothers-a sibling partnership that started simply with the purchasing, plating, assembling, and selling of light fixture parts. Two decades later, they incorporated Motter Electric Company to distribute electrical supplies. In 1956, Motter officially changed its name to York Electrical Supply Company (YESCO). In 1999, Schaedler Brothers, Inc. and YESCO merged, creating the largest electrical distributor in central Pennsylvania. As part of the merger, Schaedler Yesco decided to replace its old business system with Epicor Eclipse.

“I think one of the things that we've learned with the Eclipse system is, it's never-ending what we can get involved in. We look at several hundred metrics on a monthly basis, and everything from sales to operations to inventory is visible with Eclipse. We've grown dramatically over the last 18 years and the software has grown with us.”

Matt Brnik
president | Schaedler Yesco

When selecting a solution, Epicor Eclipse software stood out from the competition. “What we liked the best was basically its overall capability, the core package,” said Dean Krout, Schaedler Yesco vice president of operations. “One of our vendors has a very complex pricing scheme. The Eclipse system was the only system that could handle that pricing scheme the way that we wanted to. So, while other people thought that they could get close, we thought that the Eclipse solution was the best. And to this day, we're still using it.”

Edging out the competition with web order entry and real-time visibility

“One of the abilities of the Eclipse system early on was to apply web order entry,” recalled Matt Brnik, president of Schaedler Yesco. “We've had web order entry ability for our customer base for over 15 years now. It has become more and more important now that there are more opportunities for online purchasing from the likes of Amazon or Grainger. For us to be able to have all the tools that the large companies have-as a regional player-has allowed us to grow faster than the competition.”

The ability to work in real time is another benefit of the Eclipse solution that Schaedler Yesco uses often. “One of the great things about Epicor Eclipse is that we work on it in real time constantly,” stated Schaedler Yesco IT Manager Tom Schaedler. “All the employees that use it-over 300 people across all of our locations and at our main distribution center-are connected to the Eclipse database. Anything they do-be it putting material on the shelf, processing an order, or checking on delivery status-all happens immediately in the Eclipse database. We're live in the database all the time, so any time a transaction happens, anyone who needs to know about it will know and can update a customer on whether or not we have material on the shelf or whether an order is shipped.”

Melissa McLain, corporate logistics and inventory manager with Schaedler Yesco, added, “Epicor Eclipse gives us visibility almost instantly. We see orders as they come in and when they hit our picking queue, so they can be pulled in the warehouse and manifested quickly. It would be incredibly difficult for us to do what we do without having the system as we know it.”

Accommodating continued growth

Running the Eclipse solution has been a big part of Schaedler Yesco's growth strategy for the last 18 years. “After a great deal of geographic expansion, the need to focus on productivity and efficiency is even more critical to us. Understanding pricing, gross margin, lines pulled per hour, and ROI are all important pieces of data,” stated Krout.

“Our growth strategies are still in flight,” he continued, “But I know that regardless of which way we grow-whether we grow by acquisition, or whether we grow by building new locations-the Eclipse package will work well for us because it has in the past. We've had 6 acquisitions and 10 greenfield locations that we've opened, and Epicor has been able to handle that just fine.”

“I think one of the things that we've learned with the Eclipse system is, it's never-ending what we can get involved in,” concluded Brnik. “We look at several hundred metrics on a monthly basis. Everything from sales to operations to inventory is visible with Eclipse. I would absolutely recommend Epicor to other companies. We've grown dramatically over the last 15 years or so, and the software has grown with us.”

Schaedler Yesco Customer Success Story

Company Facts

  • Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Industry: Electrical Distribution
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Improve productivity and efficiencies while fostering ongoing growth


Epicor Eclipse


  • Aided significant company growth over the last 15 years
  • Gained inventory insight for improved purchasing management
  • Provided customers with web-order tools similar to large online companies
  • Discovered actionable information

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