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Deer Park Lumber, Inc.

When Deer Park Lumber, of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania found itself needing to replace a discontinued business management system, the company decided to switch to the integrated solution of Epicor LumberTrack and Microsoft Dynamics®. “Our software was becoming obsolete and the vendor was asking us to transition to their latest software. We took the opportunity not to follow right along, but to go out and shop,” says Sherry Sabbatini, mill manager of Deer Park Lumber, recalling the company's investigation of available software systems.

The LumberTrack solution has a lot of features that we'll use as our lumber business grows. It meets the needs of consumers on the other side of the ocean.

Steve Fox
Sales & Marketing Manager | Deer Park Lumber

Supports hardwood needs for gross/net sales and tally details

Sabbatini praised LumberTrack software for the way it manages lumber inventory and order processing-in particular, support for the way the hardwood industry sells, costs and manages its inventory.

“LumberTrack software has streamlined our workflow, from sales order to trucking and right into invoicing,” says Sabbatini. “The way LumberTrack software handles that has smoothed it right out for us.”

With respect to gross and net tally pricing, Sabbatini explains: “With hardwoods, you have both gross and net selling prices. It drives you crazy trying to detail your costs, because you're mixing the numbers all the time and you don't get a clear definition of what you're really selling.”

Sabbatini reports that the LumberTrack solution has solved the gross and net confusion for the company: “With LumberTrack software, we're able to sell to the customers that want it in gross, then convert everything to net. That aspect was really important to us.”

She adds that detailed pack tally information helps the sales people sell and enter orders. “The sales people wanted to be able to view pack data and tallies on-line, and then bunch the tallies together for the customer. That's working and is helping sales.”

Financials tied to inventory management

Deer Park's also review committee wanted better account and financial integration along with their inventory system. “We were looking for software that we could grow with. One of our main goals in looking for software was to get reporting data that we need to make decision,” Sherry recalls.

“We found that with LumberTrack and its accounting and financial integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP,” Sherry continues. “The integrated solution gives us the ability to dig down and get the data we need to make decisions. There's just more detail, and more flexibility in what you look at and how you look at it.”

LumberTrack helps expansion to export markets

Deer Park's Sales & Marketing Manager, Steve Fox, adds that LumberTrack software is helping Deer Park sell into overseas export markets. “The LumberTrack solution has a lot of features that we'll use as our lumber business grows. It meets the needs of consumers on the other side of the ocean.”

Fox explains one of the ways LumberTrack solution makes it easier for Deer Park to sell overseas. “We can sell in cubic meters, net tally, gross tally-whatever a customer needs to buy in. LumberTrack software does the conversion.“

The LumberTrack solution also eases the paperwork for export, collecting and converting the data needed for export shipment. “The weights are in there for trucking,” says Fox. “It's far more complete. All that helps down the road and makes life easy.”

Sabbatini recalls how easy it was to process their first overseas order. “We were able to give them pack tallies in cubic meters, and show the detail with the invoicing. And it all converted back to board-feet for our accounting. “We could not have done that before.”

Company Facts

Location: Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

Industry: Hardwood lumber

Number of Locations: 1



Inventory and order processing needed an improved process

Inability to sell overseas export markets


Epicor LumberTrack


Integrated inventory and financial systems

Insight for critical business decisions

Streamlined order processing

Detailed hardwood pack tally information

Gross/net costing supported to consistently track cost

Cubic meter and board-foot conversion to support export business

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