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D&L Farm and Home improved outside sales effectiveness with customer and product information

D&L Farm and Home, founded in 1987, provides nursery, farm, and feed products along with exceptional customer service and delivery to North Texas residents. With five locations, 50 expert employees, and their Epicor Eagle business management system, D&L ensures that their business runs smoothly. In the past, D&L's greatest challenge was maintaining customer relationships and being able to distinguish the company as a service leader instead of simply competing on price with big box retailers. This has changed since the implementation of Epicor Mobile Manager.

Mobile Manager helps us continue to distinguish ourselves in service...The solution pays for itself every day.

Lezlie MacElroy
Treasurer | D&L Farm and Home

Improving outside sales effectiveness

D&L's outside salesperson, Angela Fox, calls on large horse farms regularly. Until recently, it was challenging for her to close sales while at her customers' locations.Treasurer Lezlie MacElroy explains, "Angela used to tell customers, 'I'll get back to you on that question,' or she would call our store with questions which often disrupted store activities."

The company needed a solution-and they chose Epicor Mobile Manager-which enables users to look up sales, inventory, and customer information on a smartphone or tablet. "Angela can now access basic customer information on her Apple iPad, including when a customer last purchased from us and the frequency of their purchases, or determine if we have a certain SKU in stock," said MacElroy."Now she quotes a price on a specific product immediately. She has the ability to view our retail prices and costs to assess negotiation room. It has been very empowering for her to have that information. She is more productive and our customers love the instant answers and price quotes."

Easy sales call preparation

Mobile Manager lends great support prior to a sales call as well."Angela is more prepared. She can determine, for example, if she is going to see a regular buyer who hasn't purchased from us in two months," said MacElroy. "Now she proactively identifies any problems our customers might have, at a much faster rate. She goes in prepared to solve their problems."

Remote store monitoring

Mobile Manager also provides useful information to Lezlie. "I use my smartphone to see how the stores are performing," said MacElroy."I even get alerts on certain issues so that I can immediately address potential problems, even when I'm not in the store. I now get answers much faster."

Improving customer service

The convenience of the solution has improved customer service at D&L. "Mobile Manager helps us continue to distinguish ourselves in service. Our outsides sales person can answer questions right away without breaking the continuity of the conversation and without having to double time and effort on closing a sale," said MacElroy."The solution pays for itself every day."

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  • Continually improve customer service
  • Maximize the effectiveness of outside sales


  • Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager


  • Added efficiency when making sales calls
  • Access to performance information on each store anytime and anywhere
  • Increasing customer service with instant answers to questions

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