Creative Paint and Hardware

Creative Paint and Hardware is a three-location paint and hardware business located in San Francisco, California. The company relies on Ace Hardware, True Value, and Benjamin Moore as its major suppliers. A believer in using technology to help solve business challenges, owner Michael Yang has been turning to the Epicor Eagle business management system to run business operations for the past five years.

We aren't ordering as much product, which has reduced inventory costs. In addition, we reduced the time each store manager spends reviewing inventory data by 90 minutes per week.

Michael Yang
Owner | Creative Paint and Hardware

Access to mission critical information

Creative Paint and Hardware needed an easier way for management to access business intelligence information-successfully discovering that dashboards from Epicor Performance Manager provide exactly what was needed. "We weren't taking advantage of valuable information because it was too time-consuming to extract it," said Yang. "Today with Performance Manager, I quickly see daily sales data and can make comparisons to last month-to-date and year-to-date. To see that information without having to run a report is great! I also appreciate the danger list-which alerts us of items close to being out of stock."

Better inventory data saves money and time

Having easy access to inventory reports and dashboards empowers the Creative Paint team. "On a weekly basis, it would take thirty minutes per manager to identify items that we were running low on for each of our key suppliers," said Yang. "The danger list eliminates that manually checking and uncertainty. We aren't ordering as much product, which has reduced inventory costs. In addition, we reduced the time each store manager spends reviewing inventory data by 90 minutes per week. Today, in just ten minutes, the general manager reviews the danger list and contacts store managers to alert them of items they need to reorder."

Accessible sales information drives decisions

Creative Paint also finds that Performance Manager is invaluable for understanding sales and customer buying behavior. "It's helpful to see which customers are buying less than they used to, so that we can reach out to them and remind them about our services," said Yang. Yang analyzes sales patterns throughout the day in order to better deploy staff. "I start my day by looking at how we did the day before, both overall and by store as compared to the prior year. It gives me a great idea of where we're headed and if we should hire more staff or bring in more inventory. We also use Performance Manager to determine our hours of operation-we easily see which days and hours are busiest for our paint department and adjust staffing and store hours accordingly. It's powerful insight to have."

Centralized employee training delivers consistent processes

Yang and his team started using Epicor Training on Demand, a subscription-based, online training solution, as a way to centralize all of their employee training activities. "We have a lot of information to teach about Ace, True Value, Benjamin Moore, and the Eagle solutions-each of our stores had unique approaches and processes," said Yang. "Today, with Training on Demand, our training is consistent and our staff learns the one way we want them to use the Eagle system and how to follow consistent processes."

Training on Demand is particularly useful for getting new employees up to speed quickly. "New employees go to the portal and take the required training, the tests help us see who knows how to run the system," said Yang. "We also keep track of employee training records, which is helpful for us. The Eagle system, along with Performance Manager and Training on Demand really helps me profitably run my paint and hardware business."

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Company Facts

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Industry: HWHC, Paint/Decorating
  • Number of Stores: 3
  • Web site:


  • Accessing valuable sales, inventory, and customer data in a timely manner
  • Spending too much money on inventory, and spending too much time ordering
  • Scattered and inconsistent employee training


  • Epicor Eagle Performance Manager
  • Epicor Training on Demand


  • Informed decisions from information gleaned from dashboards and snapshot
  • Reduced stock outs with inventory alerts
  • Gained 90 minutes per week per store manager on orderin
  • Improved employee training and process adherence

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